These are just a few of Rotorua's talented artists : Marc Spijkerbosch, Lyonel Grant, Chris Newman, Jacob Chrisohoou, Mark Noble, Joe Kemp, Ants, David Daniel, Nicola Wright, Ally Rogers, Annette Bates, Angela Croft, Wendy Pedersen, Natascha Hartzuiker, Jill Walker, Simon Stanway, Amy Evans, Angela Frank, Amanda Jennifer Dennis, Adrienne Grant, Debbie Thyne, Michael Staite, June Northcroft Grant, Trevor Nathan, Miriam Ruberl, Michelle Edhouse, Warren Houston ...

There are many more whose art is showcased throughout Rotorua and nationwide. 

 If any artist wants to showcase their art here on Kete Rotorua just register and request a basket (page) that will be yours alone.


 Don Stafford by Chris NewmanChorus Cabinet by Chris Noomz Newman of Don Stafford  Ants KidZOne Grafitti Wall in progress
Chorus Cabinet by Nicola Spijkerbosch Rotorua Artist, Ted Bullmore


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Krishna Smith Exhibit

Krishna Smith - Raglan Sunset - 1st to Exhibit 

A competiton was held to Name the Art Space in June 2009. The winner was Adrienne Rosoman.

Toi Tangata

Left to Right : Lois Haddon (Deputy Library Manager), Trevor Maxwell, Adrienne, Janet Wepa and Sue Heke.

Anabel (Bella) Cameron.

Photographs of three of the thought provoking art pieces by Rotorua students at this exhibition organised by Rotorua Museum. 

Mural by Te Kura Kaupapa o Te Rotoiti.

Article from - Rotorua Lakes Council website : 

Rotorua community art advisor Marc Spijkerbosch knew he had a challenge when two years ago he planned the first set of murals for Rotorua Airport.

The airport looked “like a barn” with large expanses of corrugated iron, he told students and teachers from four of the five schools which produced the murals unveiled at the entry to the airport terminal today.

“We have a real strength in our community, we’ve got soul and these murals prove that,” he said.

Mayor Steve Chadwick welcomed students from

James Shirley Mural, Pukuatua Street, Rotorua.

James Shirley Mural, Pukuatua Street, Rotorua

Art by Jeremy Shirley, to hear about it click this link Latest mural in Rotorua CBD 


Steamscape panel2.

On Ronnie's wall a steamscape of Rotorua history.

See the story in the Daily Post 

Steamscape 12 July 2016 

Photograph above, of this amazing art, taken by Alison Leigh.

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