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Thank you to the Leigh for posting the photo of the “wallet” from Len Fisher Chemist. Len Fisher was my Grandfather, my mum Betty’s father. Len topped NZ in his
Hi Tracy. Just found one of the frutee bottles from your families bottling company. Its in ok condition. If u are interested in it let me know
Hi Tracy. Just found one of the frutee bottles from your families bottling company. Its in ok condition. If u are interested in it let me know
Wow, what a neat find.  C. A. Clarke was my Great-Grandfather and I am doing a little family history research at the moment.  Great to see artifacts from the Cordial
The last eruption occured 1981, that was 40 years ago. The people and the thriving creatures around the area are living peacefully now. Waimangu is just a part of mount
H My family and I have just rescued a  glass bottle belonging to this company from the bush at Taupo.
kartsrae (house cleaner): Is adobe flash the player used for this video? I think so since the plugin is not supported at all.
Great photos! It is good to have memories like this old photos to show to current brass band members how long has the journey been. Their uniform back then looks
I love the design of the park. But the names says, government garden though I don't see any flowers or plants there. It would be better to have some flowers
kartsrae (skip bin hire)When the first long whistling notes of the pipiwharauroa, the shining cuckoo, were heard in the spring, and when the stars showed that the right time had
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Such an awesome place. The atmosphere is not the usual place you want to go, but we for once wanted to go in a site such as this historical memorial
Many dreamed of going there. The structure was built really good. From the design of the building to the durability of it, the contractor and the team made a great
Hard to believe we're all in our 60's now.
Pure talent. Can we say those art are murals? Anyway, I really admire people who pursue their talent, I too am an artist and many artist choose different path since
Tulips is perfect for garden and landscaping even if the space is a bit small. Events such as this are usually people packed. Lot of people wants to relax by
Someone who is not into arts will not be able to appreciate the artistry of these sculptures. I too have done sculpting before and it was really hard. You can
These are the types of friends you should be going with. Has vision and action. Because of it, these people was able to established the historical library. Me and my
The Shavings art by sir Jamie Pickernell is very architectural. The spot where it was put was perfect with it. These piece of art looks way harder to make than
This structure is still good as new. The construction team who worked on the structure did a really great job, the cladding is very tight and sturdy. Anyways, I wonder