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Now known to be Rakei Kingi.
Bronze bust of Cecille Malfroy Done byGeorge Andrew local Rotorua astist.
  Kia ora, I think Jamie Pickernell had the contract too fashion this awsome fence. in association with local artist / carver George Andrews and Raki Kingi.
I remember this tree as always being on Fenton Street in front of the new Tourism office, close to the road. It was a beautiful tall tree that I was in awe
I remember the good old days when a real treat was to go for a ride on the Toot-n-Whistle, one of Rotorua’s iconic tourism activities in the 1960s.  You would
Thankyou for the update on this business. Any further information you have on Tutanekai Street businesses in the same block as Yea On & Co would be most appreciated.
Does anyone know who carved these for the Malfroy Geyser fence?
Vaughan's Butchery was not next door to Yea On & Co. (Kai Fong's Fruit shop) but 4 doors away and had no connection to The Meat Shoppe
The fruit and vegetable shop known as Willy Bow Fruiterer was the shop formerly known as Yea On & Co. and was run by Harry Kai Fong and his family. the
Was Willy Bow's on Tutanekai Street, where Xtreme t-shirts shop is now, part of the same family businesses as Kai Fong's?
Yea On & Co. This was the actual trading name of "Kai Fong Fruiterers". The business was a retail and wholesale fruit and vegetable company which was run by a
Did YOU work in this building? If so we would love to have your memories, so please Register on this site and write your memories, upload any photos you have
Published in 2011, compiling poems from members' work and entrants into the children's poem writing competition.All poets' copyrights are defined within the book.
Anecdotal evidence is that this building was once a night club, named the Electric Nightclub. Is there anyone who knows when?
The staff on the 2nd Floor would love to hear your stories about Rotorua’s Transit Camps.  
"Colloquially known as the Flea Pit, and they had double seats so couples could cuddle up" a memory from Alison Leigh, Information Resources Librarian, Rotorua District Library.
Mrs Kemey's Dairy was on the corner of Tutanekai & Pukuatua, part of the Inverness Buildings tenants, also here at this site was Willy Bow's fruit & Vegetable Shop Source
As told by Roy Archibald.... This was once called "Fenton Arcade" which housed a number of businesses including Davys Burton Lawyers.
As told by Roy Archibald... This was an L shaped business with an exit on Hinemoa Street. The Harrison who was originally a partner pulled out and the business changed
As told by Roy Archibald... I remember a hardware store owned by Schofield & Krogh and the shop was L shaped with a exit on Hinemoa Street.