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"Colloquially known as the Flea Pit, and they had double seats so couples could cuddle up" a memory from Alison Leigh, Information Resources Librarian, Rotorua District Library.
Mrs Kemey's Dairy was on the corner of Tutanekai & Pukuatua, part of the Inverness Buildings tenants, also here at this site was Willy Bow's fruit & Vegetable Shop Source
As told by Roy Archibald.... This was once called "Fenton Arcade" which housed a number of businesses including Davys Burton Lawyers.
As told by Roy Archibald... This was an L shaped business with an exit on Hinemoa Street. The Harrison who was originally a partner pulled out and the business changed
As told by Roy Archibald... I remember a hardware store owned by Schofield & Krogh and the shop was L shaped with a exit on Hinemoa Street.
As told by Roy Archibald... I remember a Columbus Radio Centre there and later the Big Orange Milk Bar
Local resident and retired businessman Roy Archibald, remembers when O H Coleman, Menswear shop occupied the street frontage on Arawa Street
Had a great time with the sfaff and some of their family members.  A first time for some of the staff however it was my 4th time attending this great
Soon to be demolished and rebuilt to make way for extra lanes, 20/8/2012.
The downstairs part of this building was used by a Christian Youth Group "Focus" from Fenton Park Bible Church as a drop in centre in the 1980s where a free coffee and
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