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Mrs Carlsen was also appointed representative of the world prime body ---The World Irish Wool Board ;such was her expertise.You can see web pages of top fashions by typing in
Mrs Carlsen had given a lot by way of fashion , training in fashion and business, social good such as fashion parades to packed audiences (some of which included the
Do u have a photo of Willy Bow fruiter
Do u have a photo of Willy Bow fruiter
i Rember this well lived in Rotorua from the age of three till  i was about 45 first lived at 63 Henimoa street beside the daly post building them lived
This is a cool pic ... I have'nt seen everyone in like forever. How are you and what are you doing these days?
Hi Lois, Thanks for the information about Guide Kate, any other information you know about any of the Hot Lakes Guides would be much appreciated. Regards, Kete Rotorua
Thanks for the names, we really appreciate it. Regards, Kete Rotorua
Not a bad memory Manda. I can fill in some gaps Of your unknowns starting top left. Anthony Thornborough, Andrew Cameron Second Row down Ron Falconer, Phil Potter, after Astrid,
Maggie Rangitukia Middlemass was this kuia’s given birthname, she was born approx 1824/1834(?) in Opotiki. The name ‘Keita’ was adopted much later, when a loved Aunt passed away pre 1882,
In John Cresswell's "Hot Lakes Guides" he writes that she was also known as Keita Rangitukia
As best as I can remember Back Row Unknown David Peach Des Parsons Unonown Robin Hill(?) Grant Wells Richard Davies Richard White Steve Jarmey Jeff Hooper Middle row Unknown Unknown
As best as I can remember Back row Unknown Unknown Bruce Wright Douglas? Unknown Unknown Unknown Grant Wells Unknown Middle Row Unknown Unknown Unknown Richard Davies Unknown Unknown Des Parsons
I grew up in Rotorua and recall at school in the 80s the name rotoVegas began to be used after a failed bid by local iwi to establish a casino
These are great images of Lady Mountbatten's visit 1946. I have not been able to locate any other photos of her visit - thanks very much for uploading these to
Now known to be Rakei Kingi.
Bronze bust of Cecille Malfroy Done byGeorge Andrew local Rotorua astist.
  Kia ora, I think Jamie Pickernell had the contract too fashion this awsome fence. in association with local artist / carver George Andrews and Raki Kingi.
I remember this tree as always being on Fenton Street in front of the new Tourism office, close to the road. It was a beautiful tall tree that I was in awe
I remember the good old days when a real treat was to go for a ride on the Toot-n-Whistle, one of Rotorua’s iconic tourism activities in the 1960s.  You would