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Another Ants masterpiece 2009.
Above the Children's Maori collection in the KidZone of Rotorua District Library 2009-2016.
KidZone art 2009.
Painted by local artist 'Ants' Haines in the Fenton Room, ground floor meeting room. This was a part of the KidZone 2009. No longer exists since the 2016/17 renovation of
KidZone Grafitti Wall in progress.
Ants Haines at work in the Kidzone, the finished walls were part of the Fenton Room, our old ground floor meeting room. The Fenton Room has been transformed in the
Trompe l'oeil at the Library.
  Our Masterpiece Painted with precision and flare by Marc Spijkerbosch. Sadly this is no longer there, it did not survive the renovation of 2016/17.
Marc's Library Mural 2009-2016.
Marc is hard at work on a scaffold reaching nearly to the 1st floor cealing
Mural painting in progress in Children's Library.
Marc Spijkerbosch hard at work.
Trompe l'oeil Masterpiece in the Library Store Cafe 2009-2016.
Reading the book titles while waiting for a coffee was amazing and amusing at this awesome masterpiece which was located on the back wall of the Library Store Cafe, at the Rotorua
Denbies Private Hotel, Postcard.
Photograph postcard belongs to Beth Reid. Undated, copyright unknown. Reverse hand stamped, possibly also hand cut. 
Denbies Private Guest House, Postcard.
Reverse shown in current condition. Hand cut and hand stamped. Date Unknown. Photographer unknown, possibly Mrs Coral Williamson.
Unison Box Makeover SE cnr Tutanekai and Pukaki Streets. Side2.
Artist: Stephanie Mitchell. Photograph by Alison Leigh.
Unison Box Makeover NE cnr Ranolf and Haupapa Streets, side 2.
Artist : Paul X Walsh. Photograph by Alison Leigh.
Unison Box Makeover SE cnr Fenton and Hinemoa Streets, side 2.
Artist : Jessica Newman-Murphy. Photograph by Alison Leigh.
Unison Box Makeover SE cnr Fenton and Hinemoa Streets.
Artist : Jessica Newman-Murphy. Photograph by Alison Leigh.
Unison Box Makeover, NW Cnr Fenton & Pukuatua Streets.
Artist : Jean van der Molen.   Photograph by Alison Leigh
Angela Frank, Unison box Street Art 2014.
Art by Angela Frank on electricity box NE cnr of Tutanekai and Haupapa Streets outside the Pig nWhistle. Photograph by Faeryl Rotherham.
Reverse of Unison box painted by Angela Frank.
Angela Frank, a Rotorua artist decorated this Unison box on the NE cnr of Tutanekai and Haupapa Streets. 
Modern Maori Art.
  On Unison Electricity cabinet on SW cnr Tutanekai and Eruera Streets. The art is not signed by an individual artist. Photograph by Faeryl Rotherham.
Espresso Nation.
  Painted on the electricity box SW cnr Fenton and Eruera Streets.  Photograph by Faeryl Rotherham.
Street art by A. Croft.
Art by A. Croft on electricity box, SW corner of Hinemoa & Tutanekai Streets. Photograph by Faeryl Rotherham.