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Designed by Sue Heke.
Mary Ellen at Haupapa Street, new glass cases.
Mary Ellen with Kathy Edmonds and Hilary Grinter. Assembling the new glass cases for the Reference Collection. c1993.
Mary Ellen at Haupapa Street, the team.
Back Left : Andrew Te Amo, Wendy Lou Vosloo, Don Stafford Front Left : Mary Ellen and Jim McGregor. Photograph taken by Rachel Pinkham c1998.
Mary Ellen at Haupapa Street.
Mary Ellen, Erin McKernan & Jim McGregor in the staffroom wearing the T-shirt designed as part of a competition.
Mary Ellen at Fenton Street.
The old workroom of the Fenton Street Library.
Wallhanging Notelet #4.
Wallhanging Notelet #3.
Wallhanging Notelet #2.
Embroidery Rotorua Library.
Designed and stitched by members of the Rotorua Embroiderers Guild. Photograph by Rachel Pinkham.
Embroidery Rotorua Library, original site.
Photograph by Rachel Pinkham. Jane and Margaret admiring the intricate work.
Margaret Callaghan.
Housebound Assistant 10 Jul  1975 29 Sep 2006 Retired Left of photo Alison Leigh, Margaret on the right c1991
Andrew Te Amo.
Bilingual Library Assistant  1997-2012. (Job Title changed to Maori Services Librarian) Also in this photo Pat Lunt, Mary Ellen Wilson and Amanda Hemara.
Ask Pani.
In 2010 we all got involved in the theme for the year “Ask Me” 
Opening Ceremony held 30th March 2009
Kay Hall, Library Staff.
Hall,Kay Children’s Librarian/Children’s Library Services Specialist (2011) 9 Aug 2004 August  2013 All dressed up for staff Christmas do.
Sue H - Business and Economics.
In 2010 we all got involved in the theme for the year “Ask Me” 
Library Staff May 16th 196.
A celebration dinner with Library & Council Staff at the Towers Restaurant. Left to right : Back Row - Dennis Merivale, Jane Gilbert (nee Dawson), Don Staples, Sally Matheson, Gillian
Frances Newman.
WesternHeightsLib. Asst. Lib Asst. Mending/Processing Library Asst Lib. Asst. Technical Services Acquisitions Asst. 10h Asst. Lib. Cataloguing 20h Casual Asst. Librarian, TS Volunteer, Tech Services 19 Dec 1975 1978? 31
Donation toward new Library.
The Hillary Commission generously donated $100,000