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Embroidery in the Transition Library.
Situated on the back wall of the Transition Library, now has pride of place on the 2nd Floor of Te Aka Mauri.
Blair House, Dolls House.
Resided at the front entrance of the Library (2009-2016), then moved with us to the temporary Transition Library in Pukuatua Street, now returned to Cantabria Rest Home.
The Don Stafford Room, View 1.
Photograph by Alison Leigh. 28 June 2016. All precious items are going into storage while we are in the transition library.
Transition Library, Rotorua Library, Heritage and Research.
Heritage & Research moved already. 31st January 2018. by Kete Rotorua
Transition Library, Movin Out.
Genealogy & large print
Transition Library, Movin Out.
Above : Non-fiction, 31 January 2018. Non-fiction DVD's Pukuatua Street Library
APNK, Free Internet. 26 July 2016.
Photographs taken by Alison Leigh.
Frances Newman.
Western Heights Lib. Asst. Lib Asst. Mending/Processing Library Asst Lib. Asst. Technical Services Acquisitions Asst. 10h Asst. Lib. Cataloguing 20h Casual Asst. Librarian, TS Volunteer, Tech Services 19 Dec 1975
Architects Plan for Denbies Private Hotel 1930.
From Rotorua Lakes Council archives, this plan was the original design by architect H. I. Foster of Rotorua.
Denbies Private Hotel, Postcard.
Photograph postcard belongs to Beth Reid. Undated, copyright unknown. Reverse hand stamped, possibly also hand cut. 
Denbies Private Hotel.
Photograph belongs to Beth Reid. Undated. Copyright unknown.
Denbies Private Guest House, Postcard.
Reverse shown in current condition. Hand cut and hand stamped. Date Unknown. Photographer unknown, possibly Mrs Coral Williamson.
Denbies Private Hotel.
Photograph undated. Belongs to Beth Reid. Stamped on the reverse is "Iles Photography" 
Central House c.1902-1912.
Photograph supplied by Jan McFarlane a descendent of Mrs E. Perrin Proprietress of this Guest House. This is a copy of an original donated to Rotorua Library 
Mokoia Island from the Ngaroto.
Photograph taken by Constance Leigh 1961
Embroidery Rotorua Library, original site.
Photograph by Rachel Pinkham. Jane and Margaret admiring the little details... A wall on the east side of the building, half way between Haupapa & Arawa Streets was the perfect
WWI Memorial.
  This photo taken by Alison Leigh, April 2015 This memorial is situated in the Government Gardens just behind the Croquet Club building. It was built in 1924 and unveiled