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Christmas in the Transition Library.
Team effort, Advent Calendar. 2017
Display at the Transition Library.
This one was by Ani Sharland. 
Study tables in Transition Library.
Part of the Programmes Space
Transition Library, free DVD's.
All non-fiction, documentaries. 
Transition Library, APNK area.
APNK - Free Internet 
Te Aka Mauri Entrance.
The library entranceway is modelled on the mahau, the porch or veranda, of a traditional Māori meeting house, examples of which can be found throughout the district. The library mahau
Library Entrance c2007.
The new library logo was added to the porch at the front entrance of the Library. Library Entrance 2018 Photograph by Alison Leigh, April 2018.
Old Building Te Ngae Rd.
Old Building Te Ngae Rd Old building Te Ngae Rd near present recycling centre. This was once a Power Station and can be read about in Don Stafford's "Rotorua electricity: a brief
David Daniel.
Mr David Daniel, NZ444407, Aircraftman First Class. 1944-1947.
Ngapuna derelict building.
Painting by David Daniel This building once housed a Diesel powered Electricity plant for Rotorua, see "Rotorua electricity : a brief history of power in the Rotorua District" by Don Stafford
70th Anniversary of NZ's involvement in the War in the Pacific.
Held in Noumea 20-27 April 2013. Attended by Mr David Daniel, Mr Bill Groves and Mr Reg Wellington.
Embroidery in the Transition Library.
Situated on the back wall of the Transition Library, now has pride of place on the 2nd Floor of Te Aka Mauri.
Blair House, Dolls House.
Resided at the front entrance of the Library (2009-2016), then moved with us to the temporary Transition Library in Pukuatua Street, now returned to Cantabria Rest Home.
The Don Stafford Room, View 1.
Photograph by Alison Leigh. 28 June 2016. All precious items are going into storage while we are in the transition library.
Transition Library, Rotorua Library, Heritage and Research.
Heritage & Research moved already. 31st January 2018. by Kete Rotorua