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Teens Library Card Photo Winner.
And the winner is... Joseph Pickering with his 'Ultimate breakers' photo.
The Portal Poster.
Portal Passport.
Portal Passport pg2.
Portal puzzle pages.
Portal download.
KidZone Signage.
Childrens Badge.
Ground Floor Map.
Portal Passport Front.
Mary Olliver.
Children's Library Assistant 30 September 1996 to 23 August 2002
Anne Moon.
Children's Library Assistant, 20 Jul 2010 to 28 February 2011
Sharon Ward nee Major.
Children's Library Assistant 2002-Feb 2005
Swee Hoon Goh.
Children's Library Assistant,  Nov 2006 to 18 Dec 2007 Photograph taken at a Holiday Programme, Swee Hoon is doing her dragon impersonation.
Pat Lunt.
Children's Library Assistant 17 October 1994 to 17 August 1996