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New Year's Eve Parade, Floral Floats.
Feb 15 1964 pg1. A selection of photographs from the Rotorua Photonews published in the 1960s. Original photographs from this magazine belong to the Rotorua Museum of Art & History.
Floats from the Rotorua City celebrations.
Snapshots of the parade held 27th January 1963 as part of the City celebrations
Christmas Float in the Parade 2000.
Our Bookworm, painted on Calico by Tessa Birks.
Close-up of Parade Float.
Christmas 2000, painted on Calico by Tessa Birks
Finished side 1 of our Parade float.
  Library Staff and a few ringin's to the parade... From Left : Unknown , Seleena Krystal, Nika Pirika, Alison Leigh, Jane Gilbert, Lea Ann Carter & Larissa Carter.
Christmas Float in the Parade 2000 (Side 2.
The Parade begins... past Rotorua Citizens Club on Arawa Street
Anne Moon, Teens Librarian.
Teens Librarian 2010 to Dec 2011
Ellie Marshall.
Teens Librarian 2008 to 2009?
Mary Olliver.
Our very first Teens Librarian
Rebekah Bright.
Teens Librarian, 5 Jul 2005 - 4 Nov 2005
Graffiti Guy.
Artist is 'Ants'
Leigh Taylor.
Teens Librarian 2006-2008
FRESH 2004.
FRESH Auction 2004.
Joanna Thomas (Deputy Library Manager) helps out at the Auction.
FRESH Auctioneer.
Dwayne from the Rotorua MAI FM office, gets the Auction under way...
FRESH 2004 Staff.
Michelle Ropata watches over prizes
Slide 7, Expo 06 at Rotorua District Library, a Report.
A Fashion Parade and Expo of all things necessary for the Teenage High School Ball. Included in the event were local providers of services to teens for the all important