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Juggling with Shaz.
Shaz (Sharon Ward, Children's Librarian) …….
Guest Star, Hetty Schipper.
Local Hetty Schipper reads stories to the gathered children at the "Around the World" Children's Holiday Programme.
Around the World Mural.
Around the World Programme.
July 2004 School Holidays
Super Sleuth Storyteller "Monique.
Monique Dyer entertains the children, September 2004.
Magician at Super Sleuth Holiday Programme.
Rod Rick the  Magician entertaining during School Holiday Porgramme September 2004
Fletcher's Fun Run Map.
The Quizmasters, April 2005.
Kay Hall and Rebekah Bright
StoryQuiz Challenge, Harry Potter Day.
Quizmasters Kay Hall & Rebekah Bright 
Dance Battles Poster 2005.
The Contestants  Lucinda Smith     Amos O’Neill  Black Magic (BJ)  Caitlin O’Connor  Brooke Waerea  Tishan Mihaka Jadeine Walker   Summer Harris  Talor Kahu  Shannon Nicoll-Harris Rebecca Skipwith  Sapphire Neketai  Telesia
Judges for Dance Battle, July 2005.
Announcing the Winners MC : Daniel Fluker from Radio Network ZM Judges : Heru        Melissa Lowe The Winners :  Levi Kerr Whata  Baby Beats
Jill Walker in the theme.
Library Staff transformed as Harry Potter Readers
Jane looking like a Professor at Hogwarts.
Library Staff transformed as Harry Potter Readers