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Des Hunt.
Easter Craft Poster.
Easter Craft Flyer.
Up, up and Away programme, Daily.
May 11th - 22nd, 1992
Pig Tales Programme Daily.
Held 31st August to 11th September 1992
Gi-normous Tales Holiday Programme Daily.
Held 13th April to 24th April 1998
Tell me Another Story Holiday Programme, Daily.
Held 6th to 15th July 1998
Spaceship flying low over Children's Library.
Children's Holiday Programme held Sept 2000.
Rotorua Palette c2003.
Colour scheme recommended by Rotorua District Council in 2003 for buildings in the CBD
Mokoia Island 1961.
Photograph taken by Lewis Leigh 1961, The Wishing Rock on Mokoia Island.