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Christmas Display 2009.
Maori Language Week.
Display on the 2nd Floor 2009
ANZAC 2009.
Display in the foyer 
Teddy Bears Picnic.
Displayed on the 1st floor, 2009.
Lands of Bags.
Display on the 1st floor 2009
Zoe Webb.
Photograph taken at Arts Village by Alison Leigh.
Shauna Harrison.
Photograph taken at the Arts Village by Alison Leigh
Anabel (Bella) Cameron.
Photograph taken at the Arts Village by Alison.
Gardenholm site May 2018.
Empty dirt patch now hosts large mounds of soil
Christmas in the Transition Library.
Team effort, Advent Calendar. 2017
Display at the Transition Library.
This one was by Ani Sharland. 
Study tables in Transition Library.
Part of the Programmes Space
Transition Library, free DVD's.
All non-fiction, documentaries. 
Transition Library, APNK area.
APNK - Free Internet 
Te Aka Mauri Entrance.
The library entranceway is modelled on the mahau, the porch or veranda, of a traditional Māori meeting house, examples of which can be found throughout the district. The library mahau
Library Entrance c2007.
The new library logo was added to the porch at the front entrance of the Library. Library Entrance 2018 Photograph by Alison Leigh, April 2018.