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Karen Miller Exhibit.
Displayed at Rotorua Library Art Space 2011
JinWhaKim exhibit.
Displayed at the Rotorua Library Art Space 2009
Janine Bouma exhibit.
Displayed at the Rotorua Library art space 2010
Irene Parsonage at Rotorua Library.
Displayed at the Library Artspace 2009
Artist Eileen Edwards.
Displayed in the Rotorua Library Art Space.
Handcrafted  by Beverley Winkelhan.
Displayed at Rotorua Library Artspace in July 2010
Embroidery Rotorua Library.
Designed by Zelda Paul and stitched by 50 members of the Rotorua Embroiderers Guild. Situated on the east side of the ground floor until the upgrade on the Library in
Whare Aroha.
The old Nurses Home attached to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital was transformed into a resthome for the elderly. It is to be demolished by 2016 to make way for a
Old CPU building.
Photograph by Su Potter. Originally built c1951 as an add on to the Services Convalescent Hospital, as a Cerebral Palsy Unit, separate from the hospital. There was a sunny dining
New Library Logo, Te Aka Mauri.
Copyright image.
Arawa Soldiers Memorial.
Photograph taken 13 May 2013 by Alison Leigh. According to The Auckland Star, 10 November 1936 the memorial was severely damaged by vandals who destroyed the statue of Rangitihi who
Te Arawa Waka.
At the 16th Annual Flotilla of Classic & Wooden Boats, 9 February 2013.   Photograph taken by Pat & Frank Lunt.  
Arawa Soldiers Memorial, West side.
Photograph taken 13/5/2013, by Alison Leigh. This memorial to the Arawa soldiers of World War 1, stands in the Government Gardens near the Museum. It was unveiled by the Duke
Lone tree still stands at QE building site.
Photograph by Su Potter
Old Lake House, close up, one of the addons.
Photo by Su Potter.
Old Lake House, close up.
Photo by Su Potter
Old Lake House.
Photograph by Su Potter
Gardenholm Site, 5 July 2012.
Above is the site photographed 30 April 2018. Was a Resthome for elderly men, called Gardenholm, built onto in the early 1970s when it was owned by the Waikato Hospital
Woolliams, T. R. (Ray.
Rotorua Mayor from 1977 to 1979