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Rugby World Cup Team Russia
     "The sun was sad because Maui beat him up" na Malita    "They're Maui's friends.  He told them to cut the leaves.  he's gonna go like this to
A day to day gallery of children playing and learning at Homedale Kindergarten.
    F R E S H      (Fun, Reading, Enjoyment, Sport & Health)  Welcome to our new Teen’s Initiative!  This summer holidays, FRESH comes to you with something new to do and
A copy of the minutes from the inaugural meeting of the association.
Some of the Rotorua District Library staff took part in the Relay in 2010
Organised by the New Zealand Book Council
A very successful competition
Mrs Mariana Te Hata at Ohaaki
Training in Rotorua 1942 to 1945
Who we are
A guide to editing records in Kete and how to report inaccurate or offensive material.
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The etiquette for Kete users.
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Changing with 4 Laning