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One of Rotorua's oldest churches
Rotorua Aerated Water and Cordial Manufactory
Excerpt from Daily Post 12 October 1968, p13 -- talks about some of Rotorua's old boarding houses methods of getting guests to their hotels.
Demolished October 1968
A central part of the administration and heritage of the Kurangaituku Tournament for most of its 76 years.
Camellia enthusiasts and growers of Rotorua, a brief introduction
Black and white images mostly from the National Publicity Studio's
Music at the Rotunda is a Rotorua District Council supported local musical series held on Sundays (1pm - 3pm) in February / March over a number of years. The Rotunda
A selection of Rotorua's finest town and country gardens are opened to the public for three days biennially each November.
Singer, Rugby Player, Actor -2009
Library Staff Remember When...
   The staff have found a 1960’s map of Rotorua which shows two Transit Camps:   One on the corner of Ranolf and Malfroy Roads, the other at the junction of Amohau,
6 July 1924
Connecting with our world; Homedale tamariki participate in our own special olympic games. 8 August 2012.
To further the knowledge of the field botany of the central North Island. To encourage the conservation of the indigenous flora and vegetation
In 1891, James Stewart presented a paper to the Auckland Institute of the Royal Society. It described the construction of the Auckland - Rotorua railway and it's impact on the
New to Rotorua 2012/13
A division of the Rotorua Chamber of Commerce