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A list of guides with known dates that they worked in this region. From "The Hot Lakes Guides" by John C. M. Cresswell c2008
A booklet titled Guide to the Hot Lakes District and some Maori Legends, by Maggie (Makereti) Papakura, was published in 1905. The Rotorua Library holds an inscribed copy.
Booklist and Photograph ca1870s
A brief biography
A list of Maori Land Court Judges from 1865 - 1889
Gift of Maori Land Court Minute Books to Rotorua District Library in July 2004
A list of Judges and their Districts
Rotorua District Council supports New Zealand Men's Health month, September 2014.
A brief history & list of publications
Select List from Wises New Zealand Post Office Directory and the Electoral Roll, 1893.
Rotorua's only fully allergy friendly cafe at 1153 Pukuatua Street
Opened in Eruera Street 1966/67 as Whitcombe & Tombs
A list of Maori Land Court Judges from 1890 - 1940
Published by Rotorua District Council 2003
Shoe Shop in Arawa Street 1951 to 196?s
How the Library celebrates National Family History Month, August.
Local art transforms Pukuatua and Tutanekai Streets
Rotorua's newest Cafe in Fenton Street 2014
Lady Mountbatten
The El Alamein was provided by the NZ Patriotic Fund for the use of ex-servicemen convalescents in Rotorua