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From out on the Lake Rotorua
A photo album created by Kay Taylor
The Library April 2013 Newsletter has a page asking people to Spot the difference and then add comments and memories of old Rotorua.
One of Rotorua's forgotten halls 1930s to 1961
Well known NZ Store on Tutanekai Street
Tutanekai Street Business moved to Hinemoa Street by 1987
Fashion store
Tutanekai Street between Pukuatua & Haupapa Streets
NW Cnr Tutanekai & Eruera Streets
The Buried Village is one of the jewels in the tourism route around the Rotorua District, New Zealand
Throughout history people have looked for guides to help tourists understand what it is they are looking at or experiencing.
Brief information and images
Hinemoa Street & Tutanekai Street
Furniture shop on Tutanekai Street
In Tutanekai Street 1960s - 70s
On Tutanekai Street 1950s - 70s
On Tutanekai Street 1950s & 1960s
Footwear & Menswear store from the 1950s & 1960s
1977 Bay of Plenty Phone Book
386, Railway end of Tutanekai Street