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Article from - Rotorua Lakes Council website :  Rotorua community art advisor Marc Spijkerbosch knew he had a challenge when two years ago he planned the first set of murals
Events and Competitions
Events and Competitions
Elected Members and Chairpersons of the County
A Rotorua District Council information brochure
Sixties, Seventies and beyond...
Past and present businesses from Whakaue Street to Amohau Streets
There are several of these still dotted around the CBD that are still used for residents, and a number that have been renovated and re-purposed.
Whakaue Street joins Eat Streat
A short story of a Rotorua Icon
Cafe & Craft Beer
A few changes have taken place in the last year or so
1115 Tutanekai Street
Sponsored Yarn bombed Soldiers to commemorate WW1 & WW2
Past and present happenings
Fenton Street was a 2 laned, tree lined Avenue
Homepage for site
As listed in the Bay of Plenty Telephone Books c1968- Present & Rotorua Who's Who 1961-1980, held by Rotorua Library.
Source : Wises Post Office Directories, 1940-1955. Online via