Malfroy Geysers, Sanatorium, Rotorua

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Malfroy Geysers, Sanatorium, Rotorua .


 John Michel Camille Malfroy, known as Camille Malfroy, was a native of France and arrived in Victoria, Australia in the eartly 1850s looking for gold. He came over to the West Coast of New Zealand in the 1860s still looking for gold and was for a time the Mayor of Ross.

By 1886, however, Camille Malfroy was in Rotorua - arriving on the day after the Tarawera Eruption - as Resident Engineer. Malfroy was fascinated by the geysers and set to work formulating a theory " to account for their irregularity of action"  The results of his investigations were presented in a paper at the Auckland Institute in 1891.

 In 1889 Mr Malfroy represented New Zealand at the Paris Exhibition and there received the distinction of "Chevalier de la Legion d'Honnneur"

"In 1890, on his return from Europe, he conceived the idea of converting the two springs in the Oruawhata pool, near the Blue Bath into active geysers. The object was to increase the efficiency of the Blue Bath, the temperature of which had lowered considerably.  It was a time of great anxiety to him as he did not know at what moment he might [-----] a power which it would be impossible for him to control. He spent many hours in the hot steam - it was in winter time- and then exposing himself to the cold air he contracted a series of violent colds. These culminated in an attack of plurisy but he successfully accomplished his work as the Malfroy Geysers to-day testify" 

 from the Obituary in the Hot Lakes Chronicle of Saturday 9 January 1897

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  .  Mr J C M Malfroy - Obituary


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