Hinemoa and Tutanekai Sculpture

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Hinemoa and Tutanekai Sculpture.


Postcard of Hinemoa & Tutanekai 

at 'John Courts' Tutanekai Street, the above sculpture resided for many years, this postcard is from the Bev Emmerson Collection.

Caption Reads : "The legend tells of two lovers Tutanekai and Hinemoa. Tutanekai lived on Mokoia Island and Hinemoa was a princess of a tribe that lived on the shores of the lake. Though deeply in love, Hinemoa's parents had forbidden them to meet. In desperation Hinemoa swam to Mokoia Island guided by Tutanekai's flute, and so began Rotorua's most famous legend. Arriving at the island Hinemoa rested in the hot natural pool 'Waikimihia' where she was found by Tutanekai when breaking a calabash to attract his attention. They married, their tribes united, and descendants of the two still live in Rotorua today. You can enjoy a vivid description of this romantic legend by joining the Ngaroto Launch which leaves the local jetty twice daily on a return trip to Mokoia Island."

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