Te Korokoro o te Parata (Throat of the Parata)

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Te Korokoro o te Parata  (Throat of the Parata).


Peter Edwards

 Taranaki andesite


When the time came for Te Arawa to sail, Tama-te-Kapua, having already pursued Whakaoti-Rangi, wife of Ruaeo, to abandon her husband also kidnapped Ngatoro-i-Rangi, navigator and priest of the Tainua canoe, together with his wife Kea-Roa. On the voyage Tama incurred Ngatoro’s wrath by seducing Kea-Roa. In revenge the priest called on the Gods to swallow up the vessel in the whirlpool called ‘the Throat of the Parata. The canoe tilted dangerously toward the vortex, and the only cry that the pillow of Kea-Roa has supplied from beneath her head aroused Ngatoro’s pity and persuaded him to save the vessel.


Photo taken by Alison Leigh

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