Hinemoa and Tutanekai Carving

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Hinemoa and Tutanekai Carving.


The 2010 staff of the New Zealand Services area of the Rotorua District Library Te Whare o te Maatauranga  in front of the carving which was commissioned from the New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Institute  for the Haupapa Street building which was opened by Governor General Dame Catherine Tizard on 16 December 1991. The carving represents 'The arrival of the Te Arawa canoe" on the left and 'Hinemoa and Tutanekai' on the right.

The carvings on the 2nd Floor landing

 The large mural carving, that was opposite the entry when the library was opened (16 Dec 1991) in this building by the then Governor-General, Dame Cath Tizard, was carved by students under the direction of the master carver at the New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Institute. It has been suggested that he was the man who also supervised the carvings at the McDonalds (on Fenton / Amohau St Cnr)

 It depicts the ‘Arrival of the Te Arawa canoe’ and ‘Hinemoa and Tutanekai’.

Over the door into the 2nd floor is a representation of ‘Tane-nui-a-rangi and the three baskets of knowledge’ donated by the carver TV Te Hira on 6th August 2007.

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