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A list of resources from 1975-2004

Date  Source Title Pagination
3 Apr 1975  Thursday magazine The bloom of death  
1997 : v. 31  NZ Journal of Marine & Freshwater Research  Comparing past and present trophic states of seven central Volcanic Plateau lakes.   p. 71-87
Oct 1999  The Regional Guardian  Lake benefits from cleaner stream   1 & 3 
Nov 1999  Rotorua District News  Treatment plant consent expiring   
May 2000  Rotorua District News  Variation 12 - Lakes A Zone   
Feb 2003 : v. 12 (9)  The Regional Guardian  Putting a brighter sparkle into the jewels of Rotorua   
24 Feb 2003  Daily Post  Residents link algal bloom drowning  
26 Feb 2003  Daily Post  Cut the crap   
27 Feb 2003  Daily Post  Call for urgent action on lakes   
28 Feb 2003  Daily Post  Business at Lake Rotoiti sees slump   
01 Mar 2003  Daily Post  Algae hits Rotorua   
05 Mar 2003  Daily Post  RDC plan a threat to lake   
05 Mar 2003  Daily Post  Warning of stream 'tampering'   
06 Mar 2003  New Zealand Herald  Council plans to boost water supply run into criticism   
08 Mar 2003  Daily Post  No quick fix for the lakes   
10 Mar 2003  Daily Post  Talks under way on dirty lake   
11 Mar 2003 Rotorua Review  Rotoiti lobby formed   
11 Mar 2003  Rotorua Review  Lake danger queried   
18 Mar 2003  Daily Post  Call for united action   
18 Mar 2003 Daily Post Could Lake Tarawera be next to suffer from toxic algae  
18 Mar 2003 Daily Post Lakes reflecting development's toll  
22 Mar 2003 Daily Post Health alert put out for Lake Tarawera  
25 Mar 2003 Daily Post Tarawera warning  
27 Mar 2003 Daily Post Leaders to tackle lake health  
29 May 2003 Daily Post Bloom goes off lakes but caution still needed  
03 Jun 2003 Rotorua Review Health warning lifted  
04 Jun 2003 Daily Post Be more active council told  
25 Jun 2003 Daily Post Nat's slam council's lake effort   
Sept 2003 : Iss 1 District News The state of our lakes p. 4-5
15 Sep 2003 Report to the Minister for the Environment Rotorua Lakes 11 pages
15 Sep 2003 Report to the Minister for the Environment on Lake Rotoiti and other Rotorua lakes Rotorua lakes - Background 5 pages
Feb 2004 EBOP Regional Roundup Review shows council's work on right track p. 1
2004 EBOP Regional Guardian Latest on the lakes p. 4-5
16 Mar 2004  Rotorua Review  Lake warning extended   
23 Mar 2004  Rotorua Review  Lake worsens - tests   
Apr 2004  Dairy Exporter  Balancing environment with sustainable performance  p. 42-43 
24 Apr 2004  New Zealand Herald  Land use changes give cause for hope [Lake Rotoehu]  P. A4
24 Apr 2004 Daily Post Lack of hazard signs at lake 'appalling'  
17 May 2004 Daily Post Health risk at lakes  
24 May 2004 Daily Post Residents push for urgent action over sewerage scheme  
01 Jun 2004 Rotorua Review Lake Rotoehu example of water quality restoration  
01 Jun 2004 Rotorua Review 100 lakeside properties on market - claim  
09 Jun 2004 Daily Post Council swamped with pleas to save the district's lakes  
14 Jun 2004 New Zealand Herald Engineering answer to dirty lake, committee told p. A9
15 Jun 2004 Rotorua Review Sewerage decision brings lake restoration a step closer p. 1
15 Jun 2004 Rotorua Review Letters : "Depressed state of Lake Rotoiti" & "Forgotten : views of those who really matter p. 4
22 Jun 2004 Rotorua Review Rotorua lakes suffering from groundwater effects p. 1

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