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Memorials at Whakarewarewa Village

Excerpt from 'The Rotorua Chronicle' 10 August 1931. "Maori dedication : Memorials unveiled : Crowds pay homage to illustrious dead : gatherings at Whaka"

'...Approximately a year after her death, her people have erected to her memory a Maori memorial, in it's picturesqueness, typical of the woman, whose memory it honours. Carved by Messrs. Te Ngaru Ranapia, Aperahana Wiari and Paora Tamoti, the memorial is a splendid example of Maori craftsmanship... It is in the form of a tall tapering totara column, carved on all faces and surmounted by the figure of a woman representing the deceased.'

'... The second service which marked the unveiling of a memorial column to the late Mrs Remupae Kereopa... mother of Guide Rangi. ... Although smaller in size than the Papakura memorial, the monument to the memory of Mrs Kereopa. The entire work was done by the father of the deceased lady, Mr Tene Waitere, who is 77 years of age, and one of the last of the old school carvers... This memorial also takes the form of a carved totara pillar with a figure representing the deceased...'

The full article can be found on the microfiche of the Rotorua Chronicle at the Library.


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