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 14 Apr 2007 Daily Post   Council to pay half 0f $200m bill for lakes  
 19 Apr 2007 Daily Post  Restoring lakes a mission for...   
 19 Apr 2007 New Zealand Herald   Govt pledges aid to clean up lakes  
 24 Apr 2007 Rotorua Review  Money in budget for lakes project  
 03 May 2007 Rotorua & Rotoiti Lakes Action Plan  Updated 2009
May 2007  Ministry for the Environment   Rotorua lakes - Improving Lake Rotoiti's water quality
15 May 2007 Rotorua Review  Delta of accord at wall blessing  
19 Jul 2007 Daily Post  Lake Rotoiti clean-up work status  
21 Aug 2007 Rotorua Review  Delegation on lakes issue yields little  
21 Aug 2007 Rotorua Review  Lakes quality 'significant'   
28 Aug 2007  Rotorua Review  Water quality open for submissions  
08 Jan 2008 Daily Post  Challenges still with lakes clean up  p. 3
19 Feb 2008 Daily Post  Rotorua water quality improves  
18 Mar 2008 Rotorua Review  Inaugural 'Land use' board announced p. 11
26 Mar 2008  Stuff   Govt. to pay half of Rotorua lakes clean-up
26 Mar 2008  Daily Post  $72m for massive Rotorua lakes clean-up  
01 Apr 2008 Daily Post  Project to breathe life back into lakes  
14 May 2008 Daily Post  Court challenge eyed as lakeside logging begins Online
15 May 2008 Daily Post  Tree huggers rally to halt logging of historic Blue Lake fir woodland Online
2010 BOPRC  Rotorua Lakes update  
Mar 2012 Water & Atmosphere  Healing waters : cleaning up the Rotorua Lakes n.4 p17-23.
29 Oct 2014 Daily Post  Aim to engage local iwi on nitrogen rules  
8 Nov 2014 Daily Post  Lake quality expert to share his knowledge  
20 Nov 2014 Daily Post  Land-use rules under scrutiny  
15 Dec 2014 Daily Post  Rotorua lakes lowest for several seasons  
31 Dec 2014 Daily Post  Council approves sewerage scheme option (Lake Rotoma & East Rotoiti)  
14 Jan 2015 Daily Post  Changes for Okere gates operating times  
29 Jan 2015 Daily Post  Our lakes, our livelihood  
01 Mar 2015 NZ Dairy Exporter  Changes working, but at a cost / Sheryl Brown v. 90 (8), p.84
12 Mar 2015 Daily Post  New technology helps slash water use  
07 May 2015 Daily Post  Have your say on lake water quality plan  
03 Jun 2015 Daily Post  Rerewhakaaitu project up for national award  
05 Jun 2015 Daily Post  Lake clean-up recognised  
17 Jun 2015 Daily Post  Nitrogen trading possible  
23 Jun 2015 Daily Post  Rotorua pollution levels breached  
23 Jul 2015 Daily Post  Plan to reduce nutrient output  
18 Nov 2015 Daily Post  Doco reveals balancing act farmers face to sustain lake  
10 Dec 2015 Bay of Plenty Times  Blame game does not help  
18 Dec 2015 Daily Post  Land use change for Rotorua catchment  
19 Dec 2015 Daily Post  Moves to reduce nitrogen a step closer  
08 Jan 2016 Daily Post  Increase algae not a health risk  
11 Feb 2016 Daily Post  Weed build up infuriates locals  
27 Feb 2016 Daily Post  Harvesting weed short-term fix say locals  
04 Mar 2016 Daily Post  Lake Tarawera story shared  
18 Mar 2016 Daily Post  Cat fish found in Lake Rotoiti  
23 Mar 2016 Daily Post  Submission period for nutrient rules extended  

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