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A brief History of the Rotorua Toy Library

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 1972  Miss Goric broached the concept of Toy Library for Crippled Children incorporated in the Child Potential Units (CCS)

 1980  Conference held in Rotorua with the possibility of forming a Toy Library Organisation nationally.

 1983  Rotorua Community Toy Library was set up by Noldy McDoanald

 1989  Novermber 27  Rotorua Community Toy Library became an incorporated Society.

 1998  On May 20th a contract was set up with Rotorua Public Library, that money received by library paid to Toy Library minus 20% handling charge.

 2009  Rotorua District Library expanded and gave a larger designated storage area for toys.

 2010  Toy collection holdings expanded to Maximum of 400 Toys

 2011  Toy Library established their own website.


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Rotorua Toy Library


1127-1137 Haupapa Street, Rotorua 3010, New Zealand

Latitude and Longitude coordinates: -38.1353742,176.25278750000007

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