Embroidery Rotorua Library

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Embroidery Rotorua Library.


Designed by Zelda Paul and stitched by 50 members of the Rotorua Embroiderers Guild. Situated on the east side of the ground floor until the upgrade on the Library in 2015-2018, it is now situated on the 2nd Floor near the Heritage and Research Help Desk.

Photograph by Rachel Pinkham.

Members of the Guild : 

Annette Bates ; Carole Bates ; Cynthia Bennett ; Susan Bergin ; Anita Brennan ; Lynley Brown ; Beth Browning ; Anne Butcher ; Barbara Campbell ; Shari Cole ; Heather Collett ; Nona Craig; Bev Curtis; Robyn Denny; Christine Finucane; Georgina Gainsford; Frances Gardner; Elsie Godfrey; Zola Gotleib; Nedra Hawke; Margaret Haddock ; Barbara Hedgeman; Erica Jew; Margaret Johnstone ; Lila Kai Fong; Pat Kilpatrick; Jessie Lewis; Elaine Ludgate; Mary McLay; Bev McLelland; Mary Milsum; Kathleen Moffitt; Phyl Morrison; Margaret Padman; Mona Pearson; Gwen Ross; Lesley Ross; Hetty Schipper; Nora Slappendel; Gladys Smith; Ailsa Sorenson; Ngaire Sperry; Eileen Sweeney; Joan Tangney; Sylvia Vine; Gwen Watkins; Yvonne West; Ethel White; Jane Whitehead; Betty Whitehouse; Cheryl Wigmore and Therese Woods.