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For Library Staff members past and present


Donation toward new Library

Miss Lesley Armstrong, District Librarian September 1973 to December 1994.


The Rotorua Public Library

by Noel E. Archer


Once upon a time, nineteen seventy then

The Library, too crowded, was moved once again.


The Councillor's choice for a bookish retreat,

was a masonic warehouse across Fenton Street


The Library staff, the public and all,

Were assured by Council - "It's just a temporary stall"


"A purpose built library we'll design very soon",

Like all politicians they promised the moon.


Twenty years later the library's still there,

It's got very cramped, very old, and threadbare.


Everything else in the city was done,

The Library still waited, it's turn hadn't come.


Another election came on the scene,

Suddenly "The Library" was the Councillors' theme.


With nothing else left to win them some votes,

Candidates promised to spend lots of notes.


On building a library of far greater scope,

Than the little old warehouse that just couldn't cope.


The promise was kept, the money was found,

Workmen began measuring the ground.


When Christmas came in 'ninety-one'

A brand new Library pleased everyone!