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Gift of Maori Land Court Minute Books to Rotorua District Library in July 2004

Crown Forestry Rental Trust Gifting Brief

 About the Trust

 The Crown Forestry Rental Trust was established following the Forestry Agreement 1989 between the Crown and the New Zealand Maori Council and Federation of Maori Authorities Incorporated after the Crown announced it's wish to sell the 90 State-owned forests.  The Crown could sell the trees, but the land was to be held in Trust to be used in the settlement of Treaty claims.

 The Crown Forestry Rental Trust operates within a Trust Deed and works to expedite early settlement of claims lodged under the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975, which involve or could involve Crown Forest Licensed Lands.  The Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees comprising of six people, 3 are Crown appointed and 3 are Maori appointees.

 Their vision is ‘To enhance capacity within Maori communities to achieve their desired outcomes from Treaty claims.’

 The trust holds and manages Annual rental fees for Crown Forest Licensed Lands and invests the rentals as per the Trust Deed.  They apply only the interest earned on the fees to assist Maori claimants to prepare, present and negotiate claims involving Crown Forest Licensed Lands.  The trust helps claimants prepare themselves for hearings and negotiations by producing research for Waitangi Tribunal and direct negotiations purposes.

How the Maori Land Minute Books came to be gifted

 A staff member of the Crown Forestry Rental Trust had a set of Land Court Minute books that were surplus to requirement.  It was suggested that they be gifted to a local library in the area so that the public can utilise these resources in a public arena and access them at times when the Maori land Court was closed.

 This was approved and nine months ago the vigorous job of getting these minutes bound into volumes for gifting started.  These minutes may include material that is no longer available in the Maori Land Court.  There are some 80 volumes that will be gifted to the Library to add to our collection which will be available to the public for reference and research purposes only.

 Gregory Fortuin (a trustee since November 2002) will be coming from Wellington along with Dion Tuuta to present these volumes to the Library.  They see this as a gesture of goodwill for their organisation and for the people of the Waiariki District to have them available to use.


The gifting of the Books

 Friday 9th July, 2004

 8.30         Start with a mihi (Te Arawa)

 Greg Fortuin / Dion Tuuta to reply

 Te Arawa to close

 Mauriora Kingi to bless the books

 Don Stafford to make a few words

 Greg Fortuin to gift to Grahame Hall

 Grahame Hall to receive volumes (3)

 Grahame Hall to reply

 9am    Cup of tea and mingle