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Published as a fundraiser in our 100th year, edited by Joanne Hatcher.

 Sponsors Ads appear throughout the book : McLeods Booksellers ; Rotorua District Council ; Central Credit Services ; The Dawson Gallery ; Te Amorangi Museum ; City Brakes 1975 Ltd ; Gould Photographics ; Natalie Florist ; Bakers Boutique ; Scholes Gallery ; Rotorua Gift and Jewellery ; The Meat Shoppe ; Teal Electrical ; NZ Vanlines ; Jan Walker - Barrister & Solicitor ; Fenwicks Delicatessen ; Whitcoulls ; Thermal Nurseries ; Bargain Shoe Box ; Cafe 304 ; K Market - Fruit and Produce specialists ; Putt-Putt Golf Course ; Miami - Furniture Store ; Springworld Engineering Co. Ltd. ; Fenton Park Auto Electrical ; McDonalds ; Best Sports Footwear ; Country Pots ; Ali Baba ; Mike Hale Pharmacy ; Woolworths ; Encyclopedia Systems Ltd ; Rotorua Central Veterinary Clinic & Hospital ; Catchpenny Books ; Metro Music Store ; Reader's Swap Shop & 97.5 Geyserland FM.

Contributing Staff (Past & Present as at 1989) our Favourite Recipes :

Tracey Anderson ; Mary Archer ; Lesley Armstrong ; Janet Arnet ; Margaret Callaghan ; Kathy Edmonds ; Lisa Figgins ; Jane Gilbert ; Joanne Hatcher ; Ruth Hoare ; Alison Leigh ; Paddy Longhurst ; Yvonne McCarrison ; Brenda Martin ; Lois Morriss ; Frances Newman ; Susan Palmer ; Erika Rosenbach ; Olive Stanyer ; Robin Stonehouse ; Belinda Strickland ; Danni Sutherland ; Judy Thompson ; Jane Thorrold ; Karina Tinklin ; Chris Watt and Mary Ellen Wilson.

The funds raised were spent as follows :

 Stained Glass Windows c1991 at the entrance of the 'new' library in Haupapa Street. 

The windows were commissioned by the Library Staff and crafted by John & Jenny Skudder and depict Rotorua's many attractions. A plaque was situated in the foyer of the Library regarding the windows and was also paid for from the Liplickers Cookbook Fund.

Stained Glass Windows at Rotorua District Library entrance 

‘New carvings for the Rotorua Public Library’  c2005

 The staff of the Rotorua Public Library decided to utilise the rest of the funds they raised during the centenary of the library through selling their cookbook 'Liplickers'.

The staff commissioned Tony Kapua of Ohinemutu Maori Handcraft to carve 2 one metre high tekoteko to be placed at the bottom of the staircase leading to the New Zealand Collection. 

The carvings depict Maui fishing up the North Island(where we are) and Tane-nui-a-rangi with the 3 baskets of knowledge (representative of a library full of knowledge). 

Make sure you come into the library and see the carvings.

Liplicker's funds also paid for 3 small paintings of Rotorua icons : St Faiths Rotorua (a watercolour) by E.A. Smith ; The old Post Office (a water colour) by Audrey Mack and The Bath-House (mixed media) by F.W. Loenig.