Arawa Soldiers Memorial, West side

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Arawa Soldiers Memorial, West side.


Photograph taken 13/5/2013, by Alison Leigh.

This memorial to the Arawa soldiers of World War 1, stands in the Government Gardens near the Museum. It was unveiled by the Duke of York on 28 February 1927. An account of this ceremony can be read on "Papers Past" from the New Zealand Herald 1st March 1927, page 12.

A description of the memorial as proposed by the Ohinemutu Native Patriotic Association reads "The proposal is to erect a pedestal or low obelisk with seven sides, the numbers representing the badge of the Maori Battalion. Six of the sides it was suggested should be of red, white and blue granite, to symbolise the flag under which the Maoris, like other soldiers of the British Empire, fought. The seventh side would be of either stone or metal, and would bear an inscription. It was proposed that the memorial should be surmounted by the figure of a Maori warrior"  New Zealand Herald, 7 April 1919, page 8.

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