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These electricity boxes appear all around the CBD and are painted by various local artists with the paint supplied by Unison & Resene.

 Marc Spijkerbosch originally painted some 27 Unison cabinets with the first batch completed in 1994. This was a ‘Keep Rotorua Beautiful Committee’ initiative to combat the graffiti and posting of advertising material etc on them.

They were originally paintings of 27 different local lakes.

 Marc Spijkerbosch art

These were refreshed/painted over in 2009 by engaging a number of local artists – a project led by Kiri Jarden, then Community Arts Officer, RDC.

Photographs taken by Faeryl Rotherham August 2013 -

The artists are : Jill Walker ; Simon Stanway  ; A. Croft ; Marc Spijkerbosch ; Amy Evans ; Angela Frank ; Amanda Jennifer Dennis ; Dunc J ; R. Hiha and Karen S. Miller.

Previously these boxes were had mostly Marc Spijkerbosch art adorning them.

Summer 2017 - Photographs by A.Leigh. New art adorns these same Unison boxes - Artists Jessica Newman-Murphy, Paul X Walsh, Anna Gedson, Jean Van der Molen, Katie Stewart, Nikdeluxe, Noomz, Geri Judd, Ila-Rose Hepetema, Stephanie Mitchell, Maria Marshall, Eleanor Crowley, Stephen Arthur and David Daniel.

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