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Memorial Carved Flagpole

A carved flagpole at memorial meeting house to Sir James Carroll near Wairoa as an emblem of friendship between Te Arawa and Ngati Kohungunu. Said to be carved by Wihari Tereihi of Ngati Pukaki.

"James Carroll, who had once worked as an interpreter in the House, was a key Maori politician a century ago. He was the first Maori to win a general rather than a Maori seat; no other Maori MP would do this until 1975. Carroll's central place in the Liberal party in the 20th century was recognised when he became acting prime minister in 1909 and 1911. He was the first Maori to hold that position. In 1892 he was appointed as a member of the Executive Council representing Maori, and from 1899 to 1912 he was Minister of Native Affairs. Carroll saw the need for compromise in dealings between Maori and Pakeha although he could never hold at bay the continual demands of government and Pakeha settlers for Maori land" from NZ History Online.

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