Topic: Rotorua's Twelfth Borough Council 1950-1953

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A list of Members

Mayor : Mr. Arthur F. Moncur

Elected Members :

  • Mr Claude Anaru
  • Mr Les T. Woolliams
  • Mr Arthur Walter McGill
  • Mr Max McDonald Yerex
  • Mr Joseph L. Witherow
  • Mr Archibald Charles Crawford
  • K. L. Usmar
  • Mr A. Murray Linton
  • G. R. E. Day

Government Appointees :

 On December 13, 1950 the council received advice from the Department of Internal Affairs that there had been an amendment to the Rotorua Borough Act and that no further Government nominees (appointees) would be appointed. This amending legislation has provided for a total of 9 elected councillors exclusive of the Mayor.

Information quoted is from the Daily Post, City Celebration Commemorative Issue 25 January 1963.

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