Topic: Rotorua's Thirteenth Borough Council 1953-1956

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A List of Members

Mayor : Mr A. Murray Linton

Elected Members :

  • Mr Claude Anaru
  • Mr Arthur W. McGill  [Owner McGill's Ltd. Wines & Spirits shop, 81 Tutanekai Street]
  • Mr Max M. Yerex (Resigned on December 14,1955 he was replaced by T. Burley)
  • Mr Henry R. Lapwood
  • Mr Percy B. Allen
  • Mr K. M. Cairns
  • Mr G. T. McDowell
  • Mr Max E. Hyde
  • Mr W. A. Bowick (Resigned October 1954, he was replaced by J. B. Wilson)

Information quoted is from the Daily Post, City Celebration Commemorative Issue 25 January 1963.

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