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Prior to 1887 Rotorua came under Tauranga County

From 1877 - 1883 Rotorua had representatives on Tauranga County as follows :

Mr James T. Morrison                            1877-1878

Captain Herbert Fitzwilliam Way          1878-1881

H. Tai Mitchell                                          1881-1883

Stephen T. Brent                                      1883-?

From 1887-1911 Rotorua was without a Council, prior to 1887 there was a Town Board.

At this time there was an election held that provided for the County in the interim, this consisted of a North Riding and a South Riding. Members elected were the same Councillors from the 1887 election who had resigned in 1888.

Those being : North Riding;  Mr Stephen T. Brent, Mr Benjamin Frederick James Edwards and Mr John Henry (Harry) Taylor.

                        South Riding; Mr William Kelly, Mr William Seddon and Mr J. McRae

Rotorua Town Council, 1900 & 1906, consisted of Government Appointed Members and 3 Local elected representatives.

1900 Government Appointees :

  • Captain Archibald Campbell Turner,  Chairperson (1899-1906)
  • Dr. George G. Kenny
  • Mr George Augustus Empson
  • Mr Henry F. Kirk

 Local Elected Members

  •  Mr Arthur Bach (Lakehouse Hotel)
  • G. McCauley
  • Mr A. Ernest Kusabs


  • Mr Charles Crowther
  • Mr R. Spencer
  • Mr A. Ernest Kusabs 

1906-1907 Mr Charles Wallnutt was the Chairperson.

Between 1907 and 1923  Rotorua had Resident Officers during the Tourism Department Administration.

Mr Lawrence Birks 1907-1912 and Mr William Hall 1912-1923

1911 - 

 Members  Term in Office Occupation if  known
  Mr Cecil H. Clinkard 1911-1914 County, 1923-1929 Borough.  
  Mr Horace Stephen Waterlow King Chairperson 1911-1915  
  Mr Herbert Munro Martin Chairperson 1915 -1918 & 1920-1923  
  Mr Benjamin Simpson Penney  1911-1914  
  Mr John White  1911-1914  
   Mr Alfred T. Young  1911-1914  
 1914 -  Mr S. Dixon  to 1923  
   Mr S. Robinson  to 1917  
   Mr Charles N. Turner  to 1925, Chairperson 1918-1920 & 1923-1925  
   Mr Cecil Hemmings  Member until 1916, returning 1923-1926  
   Mr Horace Stephen W. King  1911- 1915  
   Mr A. Jackson  1916-1917  
 1917-  Mr Tom M. Ford  to 1923  
   Mr A. Jackson  to 1916-1917  
   Mr H. Tai Mitchell  to 1923  
   Mr H. T. Smyth  to 1920  
   Mr Walter Steele  1916-1917, returning 1926-1932  
   Mr Herbert R. McDonald (Snr)  1920-1923  
 1923-  Mr Henry Pullar Ford  Chairperson 1925-1947  
   Mr Charles William Gee  1923 - 1926  
   Mr S. J. Hall  1923 -1925  
   Mr Sidney Herbert Jolly  1923 -1930  
   Mr Anslow Leopold Keith  1923 -1950  
   Mr Joseph Everard Martin  1926-1938  
   Mr John James Smyth  1926-1941  
 1930  Mr Richard Copeland Smith  1930-1947  
   Mr George John Ford  1933-1947  Farmer
   Mr Selby Brooke Murray  1938-1947  
   Mr Valentine Claude Florey  1941-1944  
   Mr Samuel Horouta Emery  1944-1962  
   Mr Neil Buchanan Hunt  1947-1950  
   Mr Fred Stanley Hutchings  1947-1960  
   Mr Hubert Lyndon Marcroft  1947-1962  
1950-  Mr Jason Catley  1950-1953  Farmer
   Mr Leslie Malcolm Duley  1950-1953  
   Mr Francis Edward Pachoud  1950-1953  
   Mr Alfred Noel Roe  1953-1956  
   Mr Robert Arthur Drury  1953-1956  
   Mr John R. Fleming  1953-1962  
   Mr Robert Charles Menary  1956-1959  
   Mr Edward Morey  1956-1965  
   Mr John Bernard Thomas (Jock)  1956-1968 and again 1976-1977  
   Mr David Morrison Horn  1959-1968  


All Information as above is from the Rotorua District Council Official Handbook and Services Guide 1993-1994

and New Zealand Electoral Rolls online via

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