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Members appointed as necessary, includes representatives of Te Arawa.

1883 Herbert W. Brabant (Chairperson), T.H. Lewis, Rotohiko Haupapa
1885 (Feb) Dr. Alfred Ginders (Chairperson), Henry Dunbar Johnson, Rotohiko Haupapa
1885 (Mar) Henry Dunbar Johnson (Chairperson), Dr. A. Ginders, Rotohiko Haupapa
1887 (Jun) H. D. Johnson (Chairperson), A. Ginders, W. Kelly, J. H. Taylor, Hamuera Pango (Takes place of Haupapa who died in August 1887)
1888 (May) J. M. Camille Malfroy (Chairperson), A. Ginders, William Kelly, John H. Taylor, Hamuera Pango
1889 (Jan) Dr. A. Ginders (Chairperson, C. Malfroy on leave)
1891 (Feb) J M Camille Malfroy (Chairperson), Dr.  A. Ginders, William Kelly, John Henry Taylor, Hamuera Pango
1891 (May) C. Malfroy (Chairperson), Dr. A. Ginders, Stephen T. Brent (replacing Kelly), John H. Taylor [resigned late 1894]
1895 (May) Stephen Thomas Brent (Chairperson, Malfroy on leave), Dr. A. Ginders, Roger D. Dansey
1895 (Jul) Stephen T. Brent (Chairpersn), A. Ginders, Gerhard Mueller, R. D. Dansey
1895 (Sep) J. M. Camille Malfroy (Chairperson), Stephen T. Brent, Roger D. Dansey, Dr A. Ginders, Gerhard Mueller.
1897 (Jan) Roger Delamere Dansey (Chairperson, Malfroy deceased 6 Jan 1897), Gerhard Mueller, Stephen T. Brent, Dr. A. Ginders
1897 (Jul) Roger. D. Dansey (Chairperson), S. T. Brent, R. G. Reaney, Dr A. Ginders
1899 (May) George G. Kenny (replaces R. G. Reaney transferred)
1899 (Jul) Capt. Archibald Campbell Turner appointed.

Rotorua Town Council 1900 & 1906 plus Resident Officers during Tourist Department administration

All Information as above is from the Rotorua District Council Official Handbook and Services Guide 1993-1994


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