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Ngongotaha Borough / County Council from 1960-1983

Ngongotaha became a County Town in 1960, a County Borough in 1971 and a District Community Council in 1974. Provision was made for the Ngongotaha Community Council to be abolished in 1983 at the time of the amalgamation of the Rotorua City and Rotorua County Councils.

The first Ngongotaha County Town Committee elected in 1960 consisted of :

Mr Robert Adam Elliott

Mr Charles Kingsley Matthews

Mr Sidney Vincent Welby Nicol

Mr Harold W. Ross

Followed in 1971-1983 by :

Mr C. K. Matthews  Chairperson 1971-1974 
Mr C. Andy Burnett 1971-1974, 1977-1983.
Robert Adams Elliott 1971-1980
Mr Oswald L. Jansen 1971-1974
Mr Lenard G. Mills 1971-1974
Mr Cyril G. Spedding 1971-1974
Mr Graeme Bruce Bell  Chairperson 1974-1983 
J. Campbell 1974-1977
Mr Leonard Godfrey Harris  1974-1977 
Mr Philip Noel Leaity  1974-1980
Correen M. McNab  1974-1983 
Johnny W. J. Lepper 1977-1983 
Mr R. H. Patterson  1980-1983
R. T. P. Reweti  1980-1982 
Mr Charles W. Sturt  1982-1983

 The County Riding member Mr Hubert Marcroft became County Representative on the County Town Committee.

 All Information as above is from the Rotorua District Council Official Handbook and Services Guide 1993-1994, full names of councillors obtained from Rotorua Electoral Rolls online from










All information above is from the Rotorua District Council Official Handbook and Services Guide, 1993-1994

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