Topic: Rotorua Occupations of the 1890s

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A select list from the Electoral Roll of 1893

Architect Benjamin Stott Corlett
Architect John W. Wrigley
Baker Samuel Brown
Baker  Daniel Kavanagh
Baker  Edwin Rose
Baker  Frederick Samson
Baker  Charles Thomas
Baker  Robert H. Watson
Barman William Russell
Barman  Arthur Slaney
Bath Attendant William Hall
Bath Attendant  Emily Hall
Bath Attendant  John Liston
Billiard Marker & Coach Driver R. Blackett Atkinson
Billiard Marker  Alfred Brady
Billiard Marker  John S. Keating
Blacksmith Marrin McCabe 
Blacksmith  Alexander Munro
Blacksmith Robert Stephenson
Boarding-House Keeper Catherine (Kate) Young 'Mokoia View' 
  Patrick McCrory at Tikitere
  Rebecca Brinkley
  Stephen T. Brent 'Bathgate House'
Bootmaker Jeremiah Larkin
  John Smith
  Robert C. Young
Bridge Carpenter Alexander J. Nicol
  Joseph Ross
Builder Robert Moore Bell
  Charles Mossman
  William Price
Builder & Tourist Guide Alfred Pachett Warbrick
Bushman Charles Anderson at Rotoiti
  James Reynolds
  William Wilson
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