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Excerpt from 'Rotorua Morning Post, 24 September 1955'

For bushmen in the 25 miles between Mamaku and Tokaanu, for expectant mothers down hundreds of miles of new country roads, and people in every walk of life 'getting Mrs Knap' has meant 'getting the ambulance'. And getting Mrs Knap has never gone unanswered...  Mrs Knap was one of the earliest women drivers in the country (she had been driving since she was 11!)...   When the war came she joined a group of women in St Johns Ambulance Unit and continued with them until it was disbanded, she then took over the entire responsibility... she finally handed over her ambulance in Sept 1955...  For the last 7 years she has lived in a Transit Camp house in Amohau Street, she hopes to get a State House... She never received any pay for her service and never looked for payment because it was the work she loved.

She was awarded the Queen's Coronation Medal in 1953.

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