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A list of guides with known dates that they worked in this region. From "The Hot Lakes Guides" by John C. M. Cresswell c2008.

Guides Sophia, Kati and unamed at HinemihiClick the photo to see enlargement 

Guide Name Year/s Notes
Warbrick, Abraham 1853 White Terraces only
Warbrick, Alfred Patchett post 1886 Tarawera eruption son of Abraham, official guide at Te Wairoa
Edwards, Ben 1878  
Mair, Gilbert   Ohinemutu & Whakarewarewa only
Rihari, Julia post 1886 Tarawera eruption Whakarewarewa
Fraser, John Leith (nephew of Mair) 1879 Te Wairoa
Middlemass, Kate (Keita) Maggie  up to 1886, then 1890s Whaka Te Wairoa, witness of ghost canoe
Lofley, 'Lofty' Edward 1870s Wairakei
Wikiriwhi, Mabel c1885 Te Wairoa
Marileha c1892 Tarawera
McDonald, Herbert R c1892-1896 Rotomahana
Miriata c1888-c1895 Waiotapu, Waimangu -- also refered to as Ngareta & Ngarita
de Faugeraud, Pietre 'Pierre' c1870-1886 Te Wairoa, lived Rotorua after eruption
Grey, 'Sophia' Te Paea Hinerangi c1870- Te Wairoa, witness of ghost canoe
Watene c1895-1903 Orakei-Korako
Tare, Beatrice c1900-1944 Guide Sophia's niece
Papakura, Bella (Ihapera Thom) c1920 Half-sister to Guide Maggie. Head Guide 1920-
Balzer, Ellen (nee Hunt) Longest Serving Guide Daughter of Guide Susan, sister of Guides Kathleen, Tina, Kaa and Edith
Hikurangi, Emma Guided until 1938 A 'noted' character
Warbrick, Joseph pre 1903 Waimangu (son of Abraham & Ngakarauna)
Ingle, Robert c1905-1914 Waimangu
Papakura, Maggie (Makeriti Patterson Thom) 1894-1910 Whakarewarewa
Kanea, Mere (Mary) c1908 Whakarewarewa?
Miriam (Miriama) 1905-1927 Guided Duke of York 1927, mother of Guides Theresa, Ngana and Tangirau
Wikiriwhi, Ngana (Tangingana) 1905 died young
Ngata 1909 Ohinemutu (married Zealand Mitchell)
Poata, Pipi (nee Rihari) c1905-1920s Mother of Guides Ani, Hara and Kiri
Henare, Rameka 1903 Ferryman and Guide Orakei- Korako
Te Awakotuku, Ruihi c1900 Guided on launch tours of Rotorua and Rotoiti
Shepherd 1902 Wairakei and Waimangu
Hunt, Susan (Huhana) 1910-1945  
Hemana, Arihia Rangione (Guide Alice) 1907 Okere Falls
Kimioranga, Edie c1918 Guided the Prince of Battenberg in 1918
Rickett, Emily (nee Waretini) Famed Singer c1910- Sister of Guides Watu, Hepine and Moana
Strew, Te Raoriwa (Georgina) c1910-1952? Called 'The Sunset Guide', twin sister of Guide Eileen
Brodigan, Hara (Hariata) nee Poata c1910 Member of the 1910 Coronation Tour, sister of Guides Ana (Ani) and Kiri
Maniapoto, Kiri (Kito) Kiriwaitangi nee Poata c1910- Had her own concert party which performed regularly for two decades. Sister of Guides Annie (Ani) and Hara. Joint Senior Guide 1943.
Corbett, Minnie nee Eparaima c1910-1920 After retiring as a guide she became a ticket seller in 1970, Guided the King of Thailand in 1967. Mother of Guide Pipo
Polly c1910- Okere Falls
Puha c1910- Guided briefly. Sister of Guides Rakapa and Noho
Haupapa, Rangihonohono c1916 Ohinemutu, poss the last licence issued.
Whakarato, Rato (Googoo) Manak c1910- Guided for nearly half a century
Haira, Timu c1910  

 Excerpt from pg 85

"Many guides became renowned as 'characters', either because of their sense of humour or for their eccentricity. The greatest of these was undoubtedly Minnie Waitohi Eparaima. For more than half a century she was engaged in guiding, souvenir selling and tickets. Her particular forte was the organisation of concerts and in this she was Rangi's chief aide. Before World War II she had her own concert party which performed not only for tourists in Rotorua, but also in the competitions at the Ngaruawahia Regatta. ...Minnie was completely without dress sense, a state of affairs which produced light intervals at solemn occasions and sometimes disasters when they were least expected."

Excert from pg 161

"Remarkably, a single family produced a large percentage of all the guides and concert performers. This family is known as Te Whanau-o-Te Rangi. In the 19th century, Tamati Paora married Iriaka and they had 3 children. The first Te Keepa was grandfather of Guide Mary Royal, of Ida Stewart and Ray Keepa (Maori All Black). The second, Nari was mother of Guide Iripu and ancestress of a family that included Guides Irihapeti, Nini, Makea, Laurel and the Institute (Maori Arts and Crafts, now known as Te Puia) The third, child Hurihia was ancestress of Guides Emily, Watu, Huhana (Bubbles), Hepine, Moana, Mere, Tuihuia, Miria, Dorothea, Minnie, Pipo, Ana and Niki among others.  Iriaka survived her husband Tamati and married again, this side of the family produced Guides Rangi Hemopo, Kura, Millie and Caroline. The list goes on so that nearly all the guides could claim a connection.

The early years of guiding (up to 1900) are not particularly well-recorded and overseas visitors tended to remember two famous guides, Sophia and Kate, at the expense of others."


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