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A list of guides with known dates that they worked in this region. From "The Hot Lakes Guides" by John C. M. Cresswell c2008


 Guide Rangi ca1930 

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Guide Name Year/s Notes
Sewell, Watu Isobel (Ihipera) nee Waretini 1916-1925 Renowned singer and member of the Panama exposition party in 1913 at age 15. Sister of singer Deane Waretini. Mother of Guide Bubbles
Hato, Ana Matawhaura 1923-1946 Famous singer with Deane Waretini, recorded by Parlophone. Had her own concert party, 1933.
Winiata, Eileen Rangiriri nee Strew c1920- Often photographed with her twin sister Guide Georgina. Led the Hinemoa Concert party to Australia
Williams, Emma nee Morehu c1920- Okere Falls
Poata, Grace nee Yates c1920 "A tall majestic guide"
Waretini, Hep (Hepini) Stephanie c1920-1987 Fine clear soprano, played the ukulele. Guided up to her death. Joint Senior Guide 1943.
Maika, Hikimate c1920- Okere Falls
Waaka, Irihepeti c1920- "A tall handsome woman - rather retiring"
Maniapoto, Mamaeroa (Mae) c1920- " A tall guide"
Raukura, Mere c1920- "Tall, big-boned and handsome, the Maori ideal of beauty" Mother of Anonia Amohau.
Anderson, Maata (Martha) c1920-1950 Whakarewarewa (Model Pa)
Mihi c1920-1944 Guided Sir A.P. Herbert in 1925
Strude, Nellie Erena c1920 "A very gentle person"
Ratema, Ngatai c1920-1930s Long-time temporary guide. Sister of Guide Rangi. Adoptive mother of Guide Emily Schuster (niece)
Naera, Nini Rangimawhiti c1920-1930s Mother of Guides Mak and Laurel.
Ratema, Rangi (Rangitiaria) 1921-1965 OBE & SSSJ. Most famous of all the guides and subject of a published biography. Head Guide for many years.
Mihaka, Rewa c1920- "Had good English and a bubbling sense of humour". Sister of Guide Kere
Delamare, Theresa c1920-1925 Granddaughter of Guide Sophia.
Haira, Addie c1930- Grandmother of Guides Wiha and Jonelle. "Tall, willowy and very handsome"
Poata, Ani (Anikanara) c1930-1950s Worked at "Rotorua Convalescent Hospital during the war years and guided "once in a blue moon" in 1950s
Sewell, "Bubbles", Huhana (Susan) c1930-1982 Called Guide Susan before WWII. Guided Alfred Hitchcock and the Chinese Premier. Head guide to 1982. DCNZOM (2000), MBE (1984)


Guide Bubbles and Guide Emily

Rikihana, Edith nee Hunt  c1930  Guided for a short time only. Daughter of Guide Susan. Sister of Guides Kathleen, Tina and Kaa
Raponi, Kura "Elsie"  c1930  Started guiding the same day as Guide Bubbles, Huia and Noko. Worked at the Geyser Hotel during War years.
Tapiri, Eva  1930s-c1941  "A large guide with a cheerful disposition"
Mohi, Haana  c1930-1949  Whakarewarewa
Tarau, Harriet  1935-1953  Whakarewarewa
Maika, "Huia" Titihuia  late 1930s-early 1940s  Left guiding to train as a nurse, became Tutor Sister at Taumarunui Hospital.
Kawana, Edie "Iripu"  1920s-30s  Guided Prince of Wales. Went blind in 1941 and died after falling in a very hot pool.
Hunt, Kathleen  1930s-  Sister of Guides Ellen, Kaa, Tina and Edith.
Walker, Kere  1939-1976  Whakarewarewa, except for 4 years wartime service at the Rotorua Convalescent Hospital
Wickliffe, "Maata" Martha  1930s-1940s  Wairakei before WWII. Star of 'The Romance of Hinemoa" movie 1927.
Hemopo, Miriata 1930s-1940s  Mother of Guide Rata
Wallace, 'Noho', Kotahi Maika 1939-1943, 1950s Worked at "Rotorua Convalescent Hospital" during the war years. Sister of Guides Rakapa and Puha
Tonihi, Polly 1930s-1940s A contralto singer who also played the guitar
Raponi, Raihuia 1934-1936 "A tall striking figure - what the Maori considered beautiful.
Te Keepa, Rakapa Maika ('The Duchess') 1935-1949 An exponent of traditional dancing, especially mau patu
Winiata, Ruth Kahureremoana 1930s-1940s She was also Guide Watu's babysitter for the infant Bubbles. A Miss Dennett from England adopted Ruth as a baby and spent 6 months of each year living with her in Rotorua.
Sarah 1930s-1946 Lived at Ohinemutu. Married Geoffrey Rogers.
Tatiana 1930s-1940s Grand Daughter of Guide Eileen (1920s-1930)
Karekare, Tangirau Moana nee Wikiriwhi 1934-1944 A renowned contralto. Grand-daughter of Guide Sophia
Keepa, Te Tai Louise nee Hatu 1930s-1941 Very short, quiet and reserved.
Tiahuia 1930s-1940s Aunt of Ana Hato
Hunt, Tina 1930s-1940s "Very attractive". Sister of Guides Ellen, Kathleen and Edith
Keepa, Tulip Tiripa 1935 only A good singer, "tall with fine features"


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