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A list of guides with known dates that they worked in this region. From "The Hot Lakes Guides" by John C. M. Cresswell c2008

Guide Name Year/s Notes
Walker, Kere 1939-1976 Whakarewarewa, except for 4 years wartime service at the Rotorua Convalescent Hospital
Wickliffe, "Maata" Martha 1930s-1940s Wairakei before WWII. Star of 'The Romance of Hinemoa" movie 1927.
Hemopo, Miriata 1930s-1940s Mother of Guide Rata
Wallace, 'Noho', Kotahi Maika 1939-1943, 1950s Worked at "Rotorua Convalescent Hospital" during the war years. Sister of Guides Rakapa and Puha
Tonihi, Polly 1930s-1940s A contralto singer who also played the guitar
Raponi, Raihuia 1934-1936 "A tall striking figure - what the Maori considered beautiful".
Te Keepa, Rakapa Maika ('The Duchess') 1935-1949 An exponent of traditional dancing, especially mau patu
Winiata, Ruth Kahureremoana 1930s-1940s She was also Guide Watu's babysitter for the infant Bubbles. A Miss Dennett from England adopted Ruth as a baby and spent 6 months of each year living with her in Rotorua.
Sarah 1930s-1946 Lived at Ohinemutu. Married Geoffrey Rogers.
Tatiana 1930s-1940s Grand Daughter of Guide Eileen (1920s-1930)
Karekare, Tangirau Moana nee Wikiriwhi 1934-1944 A renowned contralto. Grand-daughter of Guide Sophia
Keepa, Te Tai Louise nee Hatu 1930s-1941 Very short, quiet and reserved.
Tiahuia 1930s-1940s Aunt of Ana Hato
Hunt, Tina 1930s-1940s "Very attractive". Sister of Guides Ellen, Kathleen and Edith
Keepa, Tulip Tiripa 1935 only A good singer, "tall with fine features"
Morgan, 'Atuhi' Rangiatuhi 1940s-1950s Guided full-time for a short period only due to ill health. Took the name 'Atuhi' at Rangi's request so as not to be confused with Rangiatuhi.
Hamiora, Dorothea 1948-1955 Half-sister to Guide Miria
Schuster, 'Emily' Emire Rangitiaria 1946- Guided Sir Percy Sillitoe (head of MI5) and the King and Queen of Thailand. Cultural supervisor until her death 1969. QSO for services to women's crafts. Guardian of Rangi's house Hinemihi II
Paul, Lena nee Harman 1947-1948 A much photographed and noted beauty, accomplished musician.
Wharekawa, Lucy 1920s, 1946-1956 "Has raucous voice, one eye afflicted and a wonky leg" (Departmental Report)
Tawhai, Maggie 1946-late 1950s "Got on well with the tour drivers"
Pinker, Makura 1940s-1950 A Native Reserve Guide and ticket seller until she took out a Government Guide licence.
Royal, Mary 1947, 1950s Member of Guide Rangi's concert party
Morrison, Mere (Mary) nee Tauheroa 1945-1979 Mother of Guide Sheree. A lovely lady.
Mahima, Mereana nee Wikiriwhi from 1949 for a short period Member of Guide Rangi's concert party

Excerpt from pg 75

From the time the Tourist Department took over the operation of the Thermal Reserves, rules were made governing the guides. Until that time it had been an anything goes situation where the guides wore and did largely as they pleased.  Those who looked respectable, spoke English clearly, and were attentive to tourists, were naturally more in demand than those who did not have hearts in the job. The new rules regularised and upgraded the guides, but still left them alot of freedom to express themselves naturally..."

Potaka, Miria nee Paul 1956-  Worked for many years in Maori Mission. Had a "great sense of humour and a strong sense of family" Mother of Guide Tiahuia
Hemana, Moana nee Heretini 1940s-1953  Was very sick when she retired in 1953.
Ngarehi 1940s-1953  Married Pene Te Huki Ngoungou. Educated at Hukarere College and became an astute and able craftswoman.
Rikihana, Nimera (Nimble) 1940s-  Member of Guide Rangi's concert party. Her daughter Moana was the first Maori to become Miss New Zealand.
Gardiner, Pae (Katene) nee Paenga Kahurangi 1946-  She was a gentle woman with limited English but a popular guide.
Tamihana, Pipi nee Amohau Mid 1940s-mid 1950s  A temporary guide, except for 1946-1949 when she guided full-time.
Mikaere, Pipo nee Eparaima  1947-  Member of Guide Rangi's concert party. Known for her unusual singing voice and versatility with stringed instruments
Hemopo, Rangi (Noke) 1940s-  Famed swimmer and singer.
Hatu, Ruiha  1946-  A leading Arawa elder, noted for her dead-pan humour.
Gardiner, Whariki (Katene)  1946-  Guide Aneta's daughter-in-law
Mika, Beatrice  1950-1970  Wairakei. Married Guide Bob, Mother-in-law of Guide Pearl.
Nuki, Bella nee Francis  1953-1955  Younger daughter of Guide Rato
Walker, Betty 1950s-1970s A member of Guide Kiri's concert party
Mika, Bob 1950s- Wairakei for about 20 years
Haana, Denny 1950s- Married Claude Anaru. Member of Guide Rangi's and Guide Kiri's concert parties. Had her own group at Brent's in the 1970s
Maika, Emma 1946- Educated Hukarere College.
Balzer, Homai nee Tuhakaraina 1950s- Daughter-in-law of Guide Ellen
Stewart, Ida nee Paul 1950s-1955 A Native Reserve Guide. Sister of Guide Mary Royal.
Daniels, Kateraina (Catherine) 1957 Also guided in summer when she was home from her teaching position in Christchurch. Daughter of Guide Kiri.

"The holder No.3  Guide Certificate, Susan Hunt, had a profound influence on the future of guiding. She started before WWI and guided right through the boom years, retiring at the end of WWII. Four of her daughters, Ellen, Kathleen, Tina and Kaa also became guides"  page 85

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