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A list of names from C to D, and the establishments they managed or owned. If anyone knows of these people and/or have photographs please email Kete Rotorua

 Advert from New Zealand Herald 1938 

Information for this list came from National Newspapers, Don Stafford's Research Notes, Wises Post Office Guides, Electoral Rolls and Bay of Plenty Phone Books.    
Name Era Establishment 1 Establishment 2
Mr Andrew Campbell  1905-1912 Edinburgh House, Haupapa Street  
Mrs A. Campbell 1916 Belmont Guest House, Eruera Street  
Mrs Olvy E Campbell 1939-1943 St Elmo Guest House, Hinemoa Street  
Mrs Emily Carkeek 1923-1938 Armidale Private Hotel, Hinemoa Street  Advert from New Zealand Herald 15 May 1931 
 New Zealand Herald 15 May 1931
Alfred J. Carlton 1919-1920 Grand Hotel, Fenton Street  
John J. & Maud Casey 1930-1931 Park View House, Hinemaru Street  
Mr Frederick Chambers 1928-1938  Waiwera House, Tutanekai Street   
Ms Mary K Chandler 1918-1938 Bungalow Hotel, Hinemoa Street Chandlers Flats, Pukuatua Street
Frances & Gertrude Cheater 1930 Hotel Northland  
Mr & Mrs Charles Chirm 1938-1947 Chirms Private Hotel, Hinemoa Street  
Mr & Mrs W Clark 1953-1954 Armidale Private Hotel, Hinemoa Street  
Eric & Thelma Cleveland 1947-1957 Crowther House  
Blanche E. Clifford 1920-1923 Boarding House, Amohia Street  
Mrs Winifred Clubb 1924-1931 Clubb's Private Hotel c1926- Hotel Northland 1928
    Hamilton House , c1924-1925 The Empire, Tutanekai Street c1931
    Arcadia, Hinemoa Street c1926  
Mrs Lillian J Clune 1942 Airdrie Private Boarding House, King Street  
Mrs Kate Constant 1912-1931 Bungalow, Hinemoa Street 1912-1923 Commonwealth, Hinemoa Street 1916
    Hamilton House, Eruera Street  
Mr W. B. Constant 1908-1909 Hinemoa House, Hinemoa Street  
Mr W. H. Constant 1906-1908 Palace Hotel, Tutanekai Street  
Albert & Rosena Cope 1950 Thirwell House, Tutanekai Street  
Ernest Cory 1920-1923 Waverley Hotel, Tutanekai Street  
Mr & Mrs Bert Cotrell (Herbert) 1945-1950 Bungalow, Hinemoa Street  
Mrs Crawford 1927-1929 Hotel Northland (poss next to Clubb's at Railway Gates)  
George Crosby 1892-1893 Rotorua Hotel, Ohinemutu  
Jack Cross 1909 The Grange, Amohau Street  
Mrs R. Cross 1906-1913 Milford House/The Grange, Amohau Street Randwick House, Hinemoa Street
Mrs Margaret Cross 1902-1903 Rocky Nook, Whakaue Street  
T. E. Crowhurst 1905-1907 The Pines, Pukuatua Street  
Annie & Charles Crowther 1898- Grand Vue, cnr Haupapa & Hinemaru Streets 1907- Coffee Palace (Blue Baths Coffee Palace), Hinemaru Street
    Crowthers (was Grand Vue) to c1944 Park View House (c1898-1900)
Rose Ann Dalziel 1936-1938  Oakleigh Guesthouse, Amohau Street (1936-1938) Sonoma Private Hotel (1936)
William & Olive Darroch 1955-1957 Waiwera House, Tutanekai Street (1955) Green Gables Boarding House, Whakaue Street (1963)
Mrs Ida Davidson 1940 Sydney Cottage, Fenton Street  
Mrs V. G. Day 1923 Princes Gate Hotel, Arawa Street  
Walter & Elizabeth Dean 1927-1933 Devonshire House, Eruera Street  
Edward & Nola Dennison 1963-1970 Hotel Delta, Haupapa Street  
Mrs Lily Devin 1923-1938 Surrey House, Haupapa Street  
Mrs Coral Dillon (later Williamson) c1922-1955 Denbies Guest House, Pukuatua Street (1930-1955) Park View House (1922-1930)
Roy Augustus Dixon 1957 Devonshire House, Eruera Street  
George Donaldson 1913 Palace Hotel, Tutanekai Street  
Herbert Dooley 1938-1943 Commonwealth House, Hinemoa Street  
M. Douglass 1911-1912 Devonshire House, Eruera Street  
Jenny & Thomas Dowling 1916-1938 Thirwell House, Tutanekai Street  
Ms Annie Downey 1940-1946 Prince's Gate Hotel, Arawa Street  
Mrs Emma Duff (see also Sheddan) 1917- Montrose House, Amohia Street  
Joseph & Mabel Duffy 1954-1963 Bungalow Hotel, Hinemoa Street  
Delia Duggan 1910-1911 Moana House (location unknown)  
Isabella Dwyer 1907-1918 Metropole, Amohau Street (1907-1913) Waverley Hotel, Tutanekai Street (1917-1918)

 Advert for Hotel Australia and Armidale 1938


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