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A list of names from H to K, and the establishments they managed or owned. If anyone knows of these people and/or have photographs please email Kete Rotorua


 Information for this list came from National Newspapers, Don Stafford's Research Notes, Wises Post Office Guides, Electoral Rolls and Bay of Plenty Phone Books.
Name Era Establishment 1 Establishment 2
Miss Hadfield 1935 Prince's Gate Hotel  
Mrs Haine 1940-1946 "Mrs Haines" (Possibly 'Ferndale') 32 Eruera Street  
John & Julia Halkett (or Halcott) 1904-1920  Buffalo (name might be?) Boarding House  
Mrs Hall 1903  Mokoia View Guesthouse, Arawa Street  
Rose Ann & Percy Hammond 1903-  Arawa House, Arawa Street  
Sydney & Kathleen Harper 1953-1964  Glenora Guest House, Haupapa Street  
D & Ngaire Hart 1968-1972  Ambassador Luxury Motel  
Mr Hartley 1970s  Brent's Hotel, Hinemoa Street  
Ernest G. Hartridge 1938-  Palace Hotel, Tutanekai Street  
Eric E Harvey 1927-1931  Grand Hotel, Fenton Street  
Mrs Melba Haynes 1942-1950  Bonchurch Private Boarding House / Melba'nui, Fenton Street  
Mrs Ellen Head 1905-1906  Darlington Villa, Haupapa Street  
Mrs C. Heerdegen 1888-1898  Carlton Club Temperance Hotel, Ohinemutu Bellvue Guesthouse, Fenton Street
Mrs Isabella Heley 1905-1908  Sonoma Private Hotel, Pukuatua Street  
Mrs Agnes Henderson 1925-1926  Bondi, Haupapa Street  
Robert R. Henderson 1968-1969  Grand Hotel, Fenton Street  
James Thos. Henshaw 1909  Palace Hotel, Tutanekai Street  
H. S. Herbert 1968-1974  Royal Guest House, Tutanekai Street  
Hewitt, Harold & Gladys
c1960-  Hinemoa Hotel  
Mrs Hickson 1894  Lake View House, Lake Road  
Mrs Hodge 1932-1934  Regent Motel, cnr Rangiuru & Pukaki Streets  
John Hodgson 1943  Bondi, Haupapa Street  
Ray & Margaret Hogan 1974-  Havana Motel, Whakaue Street  
Harold A. Holmes 1950-  The Australia  

 Advert for Rotorua Carnival, and Rotorua Hotels 1933


 Mrs W.B. Ingram (Evelyn) 1928-1933  Hotel Rotorua, Amohau Street (1928) Kozie Private Hotel, Hinemoa Street
 Wilfred B. Ingram 1918-1926  Kozie Private Hotel, Hinemoa Street  
 Alexander & Maud Isdale 1955-  Pendennis, Whakaue Street  
 Mr & Mrs Anthony D Jacobs 1955-  Park View Private Hotel, Hinemaru Street  
 Mr Peter Jacobsen 1970-1986  Prince's Gate Hotel, Arawa Street  
 Mrs N. Jarvis 1955-  Wentworth Private Guest House, Hinemoa Street  
 Mrs E. T. Johnson 1931  Wentworth Private Guest House, Hinemoa Street  
 John Johnston 1895  Palace Hotel, Tutanekai Street  
 Gustavus V. Jones 1919-1920  Palace Hotel, Tutanekai Street  
 Mrs Jeannie I. Jones 1936-  The Lodge Private Guest House, Whakaue Street  
 Mabel K. Jones 1940-1955   Private Boarding House at 22 Amohia Street  
 Mrs Margaret Jones 1925-1930  Hotel Commonwealth, Hinemoa Street  
 Mrs P. Jones 1936  Jubilee House  
 Thomas & Jessie Kelly 1924-  St Elmo Guest House, Hinemoa Street  Flats, 61 Haupapa Street
 William Kelly 1880-  Palace Hotel, (in Ohinemutu at this time, moved and renamed)  
 Edward Kennedy 1913  Thirwell House  
 Mrs Daisy Kingon 1923-1935  Kingsdale Boarding House, Whakaue Street [Owner]  
 Percival Kinninmont 1926 -1942  Palace Hotel, Tutanekai Street (1926-1928) Grand Hotel, Fenton Street (1940-1942)
 J. Knight 1950  Bungalow Hotel, Hinemoa Street  
 Elizabeth Kunac 1932  Kingsdale Boarding House, Whakaue Street  
 M. P. Kyne 1968  Crowther House, Cnr Hinemaru & Haupapa Streets  

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