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A list of names from L to M, and the establishments they managed or owned. If anyone knows of these people and/or have photographs please email Kete Rotorua

 Palace Hotel, Cnr Lake Road and Ranolf Street 

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Information for this list came from National Newspapers, Don Stafford's Research Notes, Wises Post Office Guides, Electoral Rolls and Bay of Plenty Phone Books.   
Name Era Establishment 1 Establishment 2
John Alexander Lee 1929 Palace Hotel, Tutanekai Street  
Lewis Lee 1885 Carlton Temperance Hotel, Ohinemutu  
Mrs C.M. Leece or Leech 1916 Hinemoa Private Hotel, Hinemoa Street  
Mrs Evelyn Leemon 1953-1955 Station Guest House, Amohau Street  
W. J. Leet or Lees 1904-1905 Grand Hotel, Fenton Street  
Albert George Leggatt 1922-1924 Palace Hotel, Fenton Street  
Mr & Mrs E. E. Le Prou 1949-1954 Aston Guest House, Eruera Street Hamilton House, Eruera Street
Herbert Stanley Lindsay 1953-1955 Palace Hotel, Tutanekai Street  
J. Low 1977- Travel Lodge, Eruera Street  
J. Lowe 1946-1947 Wentworth Boarding House, Eruera Street  
Gideon Lund 1925-1938 Grand Hotel, Fenton Street (Note : 1925-1926 then 1935-1938  
James McIntosh MacCuish 1925-1926 Palace Hotel, Tutanekai Street  
Miss R. Maher 1930 Prince's Gate Hotel, Arawa Street  
Mrs Varah Mangham 1911-1917 Commonwealth, Hinemoa Street  
Frederick William Marsh 1922-1923 Grand Hotel, Fenton Street  
Mr Brett Marvelly 1986- Prince's Gate Hotel, Arawa Street  
Mrs Mau 1906-1916 Waihi House, Whaka Road (Fenton Street)  
Mr Alfred H. Maunder 1895-1896 Maunders (poss also known as "Parade House"), Whakaue Street  
     Maunder's Fire 1896  
Mrs Caroline McCammon 1898-c1900 Seddon's Lake View House, Lake Road Holyrood House, poss Tutanekai Street
William McCarthy 1912 Palace Hotel, Tutanekai Street  
R & A McCracken c1968- Hotel Delta, Haupapa Street  
Louisa & Roy McDermott 1927 Sonoma Private Hotel, Pukuatua Street  
Mrs G. H. McDonald 1912 Hinemoa House, Hinemoa Street  
A. M. McDonnell 1950 Brookby House, Hinemoa Street  
Gordon A. McFarlane 1955-1964 Prince's Gate Hotel, Arawa Street  
Mr & Mrs John Russell McFarlane 1903-1909 Darlington Villa, Haupapa Street (1903-1904) Wonderland Private Hotel, Amohau Street (1909-1910)
Mrs C. L. McGrath 1949- Brentwood Private Hotel, Amohia Street  
Mr & Mrs Alan Angus McGregor 1945-1955 Prince's Gate Hotel, Arawa Street (1947-1955) The Australia, cnr Tutanekai & Amohau Streets (1945-1947)
Mrs Mary McGregor 1943-1944 Bondi Private Hotel, Haupapa Street  
R. R. McGregor 1945-1947 Pendennis, Whakaue Street  
Mrs J. J. McIntosh 1907-1911 St Elmo Guest House, Hinemoa Street  
I. N. McKenzie 1968- Pendennis, Whakaue Street  
Mr A. L. McLean c1912 Rotorua House, cnr Tutanekai & Pukaki Streets  
Ian H. McLean 1968- Aaron Motel, Fenton Street  
John Neil McLean 1906-1930 The Carlton, Ohinemutu (1906) The Australia (1907-1930)
    The Empire (1915-1929)  
Mrs J.N. McLean (Agnes) 1933 The Empire  
Mrs Eugenie McLisky 1919-1922 Milford House, Amohau Street  
Andrew Jackson McMath 1905 Grand Hotel, Fenton Street  The Grand HotelGrand Hotel, c1901, Click Image to See Enlargement from Alexander Turnbull Library.
John Henry McPartland 1904 Darlington Villa, Haupapa Street  
Joseph McRae 1888-1895 Palace Hotel, Tutanekai Street  
Mrs R. Mearns 1940-1946 New Spa Guest House, Amohau Street  
Jeremiah W. Melville 1912 Arawa House, Arawa Street  
Mrs James Melville (Margaret) 1905-1910 Bungalow Hotel, Hinemoa Street  
Wm Laughton Melton 1915 Boarding House  
William Richard Melvin 1903-1907 The Langham, Hinemoa Street (1903) Carlton Temperance Hotel, Ohinemutu (1904-1907)
W. J. Meredith 1902-1931 Grand Hotel, Fenton Street Palace Hotel, Tutanekai Street
Harold & Gladys Metcalf 1947- Crowther House, cnr Hinemaru & Haupapa Streets Hinemoa House, Hinemoa Street (1950-)
Lawrence & Joyce Mexted 1959-c1978 Havana Motel, Whakaue Street  
Walter Minnitt 1956-1957 Cloverleigh Guest House, Eruera Street  
John Adam Mitchell 1940-1953 Waiwera House, Tutanekai Street  
Mrs L. Mitton 1940-1961 Commonwealth/ Tainui, Hinemoa Street  
Mrs Albert Matthew Moore 1913-1917 Sonoma Private Hotel, Pukuatua Street  
Mrs Clara (Catherine) Morgan 1935-1942 Devonshire House, Eruera Street  
James Thomas Morrison 1874-1880 Rotorua Hotel/ Rotorua Family Hotel, Ohinemutu  
Mrs Morrison 1883-1891, 1898-1899 Rotorua Hotel/ Rotorua Family Hotel, Ohinemutu  
Ray Mousely 1911 Queensland Private Hotel, Amohia Street  
John & Patricia Mullooly c1963-1971 Park View Private Hotel, Hinemaru Street  
Mrs Murphy 1915-1916 Fenton House, Fenton Street  
George Myers 1950-1955 The Australia, cnr Tutanekai & Amohau Streets  

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