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A list of names from R to S, and the establishments they managed or owned. If anyone knows of these people and/or have photographs please email Kete Rotorua

Palace Hotel advert 1933  Advert in New Zealand Herald 1933 to see the full page click this link

Information for this list came from National Newspapers, Don Stafford's Research Notes, Wises Post Office Guides, Electoral Rolls and Bay of Plenty Phone Books.
Name Era Establishment 1 Establishment 2
Bert (Cuthbert) Rawson 1916 Windsor House, Tutanekai Street  
Mrs Rea 1944 Westvale Guest House, Pererika Street  
Mrs Lena Rees c1904-1922 Grand Hotel, Fenton Street (c1904) Grand Vue, cnr Hinemaru & Haupapa Streets (1920-1922)
Mr & Mrs Fred Reeve 1920-1943 The Mansions, Eruera Street  
Mrs Jane Rennie 1912-1914 Braeside Boarding House, Arawa Street Te Minenga House, Ohau c1907
Mrs J. Reynolds (Martha E) c1910 Devonshire House, Eruera Street  
James & Sybil Rich 1941-1945 Richlake, Tutanekai Street  
C. M. Richards 1943-1947 St Elmo Guest House, Hinemoa Street  
Mr & Mrs Ashley Guy Roberts 1946-1960 Devonshire House, Eruera Street  Ashley House, Hinemoa Street
Mr Robinson c1935 Winnipeg House, Whakaue Street  
Mr Bruce Robinson 1953-1954 Hinemoa House, Hinemoa Street  
Mr Thomas J. Robinson c1891-1896 Tarawera House, SE Cnr Tutanekai & Pukaki Streets  
Mrs Sarah Robinson 1924-1926 Oakleigh Guest House, Amohau Street  
Mrs Rodger 1923 Hamilton House, NE Cnr Amohia & Eruera Streets  
Mr & Mrs Joseph Rosoman 1963-1964 Belmont Guest House, Pukuatua Street  
Mrs Dorothy Roy 1950 Wentworth Boarding/Guest House, Hinemoa Street  
"Rumbles"  1942-1943 Randwick House, Hinemoa Street   
Miss E. Ryan 1933-c1955 Forbury House Flats, Whakaue Street  
Mrs Elizabeth Saunders 1900-1903 Darlington Villa, Haupapa Street  
Mr & Mrs Alf Savage 1939-1949 Milford House/ The Grange, Amohau Street (1939-1942) Belmont Guest House, Pukuatua Street (1942-1949)
Mrs Scott 1906-1912 Seddon's Lake View, Lake Road (c1906) Hinemoa Private Hotel, Hinemoa Street (c1911-c1912)
Miss Eleanor Louisa Seabury 1905-1919 The Sandringham, Haupapa Street  
William & Elizabeth Seddon c1886-1906 Lake View House, Lake Road Carlton Club/ Carlton Temperance Hotel, Ohinemutu
Herbie & Annette Sewell c1974-1981 Aaron Motel, Fenton Street  
John & Emma Sheddan c1917-1955 Montrose House, Amohia Street  
Mrs E. Shields 1950-c1954 Hotel Rotorua, SE Cnr Tutanekai & Amohau Streets  
Mrs Anne Watt Shepherd 1938 Armidale, Hinemoa Street  
Richard & Beatrice Shutte 1955 St Elmo Guest House, 14 Hinemoa Street  
Ron & Annie Simpson 1933-1950 Hamilton House, Eruera Street  
Mrs A. Simpson 1940-c1946 Queensland Private Hotel, Amohia Street  
Stewart & Helen Sinton 1923-1942 Randwick House, Hinemoa Street  
Edward W Gibson Smith 1916-1919 Lake House Hotel, Lake Road  
Gladys Sommer 1919-1920 Sonoma Private Hotel, Pukuatua Street  
John William Speers 1903  Grand Hotel, Fenton Street  
Mrs W. J. Stanley 1913 Oxford House, Haupapa Street  
Mrs Eleanor Staple 1935-1938 Park View Private Hotel, Hinemaru Street  
Noel Staub 1968- Lake Lodge Motel, 16 Lake Road  
Fred & Elizabeth Styles  1935-1946  The Commonwealth, Hinemoa Street (1935-1936)  Pendennis, Whakaue Street (1940-1946) 
D. F. Sutherland 1953-1954 Gables Boarding House, Lake Road  
Robert A. Sutherland 1942 Bondi Private Hotel, Haupapa Street  

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