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A list of names from T to Y, and the establishments they managed or owned. If anyone knows of these people and/or have photographs please email Kete Rotorua

Information for this list came from National Newspapers, Don Stafford's Research Notes, Wises Post Office Guides, Electoral Rolls and Bay of Plenty Phone Books.
Name Era Establishment 1 Establishment 2
Mr & Mrs Caleb Tapper 1915-1937 Palace Hotel, Tutanekai Street (1915-1918) Bungalow Hotel, Hinemoa Street (c1918-1937)
Benjamin Taylor 1898 Palace Hotel, Tutanekai Street  
Leslie & Gaynor Temple 1971- Bungalow Hotel, Hinemoa Street (renamed 1980) Australia Inn, Hinemoa Street, (1980-1991)
Kenneth & Winifred Usmar 1947- Tainui Hotel, Hinemoa Street (former Commonwealth)  
Mrs Ethel Rose Vaughan 1914-1923 Oxford House, Haupapa Street  
Mrs J. Vybanal 1940-1942 Bondi Private Hotel, Haupapa Street  
Major Charles & Mrs Barbara Wagstaff 1953- Lynwood Guest House, Haupapa Street  
Mrs Alma M. Wallace c1963-1969 Regent Motel  
Mr John W. Wallace c1963 Station Guest House  
William Batlett Waller 1955 Gables Boarding House, Lake Road  
Frank R. Waters 1897-1898 Palace Hotel, Tutanekai Street  
Mrs Constance Watson 1913 Brooklyn House, Amohau Street  
William & Marjery Webber 1901-1922 Devonshire House, Eruera Street  
John White 1899-1905 Edinburgh House, Haupapa Street  
John Wilkinson 1885-1887 Carlton Club Temperance Hotel, Ohinemutu  
William A. Williams 1901-1907 Thirwell House, Tutanekai Street  
Mrs Mary C. Williams 1901- Thirwell House, Tutanekai Street Darlington Villa, Haupapa Street (1906)
Mrs Coral Williamson (see also Dillon) 1922-1955 Park View Private Hotel, Hinemaru Street (1922-1930) The Denbies, Pukuatua Street (1930-1955)
Mr & Mrs Charles Dudley Willmott 1896-1922 Tarawera House, SE cnr Tutanekai & Pukaki Streets (c1896-1898) Armidale, Hinemoa Street (1910-1922)
     Advert from Hot Lakes Chronicle 7 October 1896  
Frederick John Wilson  1946-1953  Palace Hotel, Tutanekai Street   
Isaac Wilson 1881 Ohinemutu Hotel  
James Allen Wilson 1915-1924 Rocky Nook, Whakaue Street  
Jas. Wilson 1912-1918 Carlton House  
Mr Charles Hawker Wilson 1892-1901 Lake View House, Lake Road (1892-) The Langham, Hinemoa Street (1895-1901)
William Henry Windsor 1900-1902 Windsor House, Tutanekai Street  
Ronald & Rebecca Wise 1939-1947 Armidale, Hinemoa Street  
William Woodward 1906-1907 Grand Hotel, Fenton Street  
Louis Woolliams 1909-1915 The Mansions, Eruera Street Thirwell House, Tutanekai Street (1909-1915)
Miss Doreen P. Worth 1949-1955 Cargan Guest House, 31 King Street  
Mrs Mary J. Wrathall 1910-1922 Randwick House, Hinemoa Street  
The Misses Yates 1903-1905 Bungalow Hotel (was Nursing Home), Hinemoa Street  
Mrs Mary Yerex 1950-1952 St Elmo Guest House, Hinemoa Street  
Mrs Kate (Catherine) Young 1895-1908 Windsor House, Tutanekai Street (c1895-) Mokoia View Guest House, Arawa Street (1902)
    Sonoma Private Hotel, Pukuatua Street (c1903-1908)  
William S. Young c1968-1971 Denbies Private Hotel, Pukuatua Street  
William & Katherine Yuill 1927-1935 Bondi Private Hotel, Haupapa Street  

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