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Rotorua People Honoured for Services to the Community

Recipient's Name   Year Award
Jean Caroline LODGE. For services to the community and sport, esp. Basketball  1970  MBE
John SMITH. For services as a Tour Coach Driver.   1970  BEM
Rev. Te Whakahuihui VERCOE. Royal New Zealand Chaplains Department (Regular Force).   1970  MBE
Marie Louise Dansey ILES. For valuable services as General Secretary of the Girl Guides Association.  1971  OBE see also MBE 1948
Rev. Pakake Heketoro LEONARD. For services to Community esp. to Maori   1971  CBE
Ethel Winifred J. HARWOOD. For services to Education.   1972  MBE 
Staff Sergeant H. D. SMITH.  1972  MBE
The Honourable Raymond BOORD. For services to Local Government and Community.   1973  QSO 
Leonard P. LEARY. For valuable services to Law  1973  CMG
Haratua ROGERS. For services to Maoritanga and the Community   1974  CBE
Elsie Elizabeth DAVIDGE. For services to National Marriage Guidance Council and to Medicine.   1974  OBE
Sir (William Harold) Angus SHARP. Commissioner of Police. NZ Police Force.  1974  KBE see also QPM 1969
Harold Richard HEIFORD. For services to the community  1974  MBE
Dame (Lucy) Ruth KIRK. Widow of the Right Honourable Norman Eric Kirk, M.P., late Prime. Minister of New Zealand. For public services.  1975  DBE
Lieutenant-Colonel. Sir Charles Moihi Te Arawaka BENNETT. DSO For Public services, esp. to the Maori people.    1975  KBE see also DSO 1943 & NZ 1990 Medal
Athol Charles GARLICK. For services to sport.   1975  BEM
Howard Leslie MORRISON. For service to entertainment.  1976  OBE see also KBE 1990
Captain Frederick Patrick LADD. For services to the tourist and aviation industries.  1976  MBE see also OBE 1986
The Honorable Harry (Henry) R. LAPWOOD. For public service.  1976  BEM see also OBE 1991
Hugh Allen MILLS. JP. For service to community.  1976  MBE see also OBE 1986
Constance Egmont TULLOCH. For valuable services to the community.  1976  BEM see also OBE 1971, MBE 1961.
Ronald Edgar WILLIAMS, JP. Overseer (Buildings) Waipa Sawmill.  1976  QSM
Thomas DURRANT. For service to Conservation, Horticulture and Education.  1976  CBE see also MBE (Mil), DSO
Isabella Lees ROBERTS. For service to the community.   1976  BEM
Bartholomew SHEEHAN. For Maori Affairs.  1977  OBE
Keitha BEAMISH-WHITE. For services to the tourist industry.  1977  BEM
Ivy Elizabeth MCGREEVY. For community service.  1977  QSM
Emrys Griffith EVANS. Chief Fire Officer (Area Commander) Rotorua.  1977  QFSM
Harold Ashworth HOLMES. JP. For service to the community.  1978  MBE
Robert CAMPBELL. JP. For services to Local Body and community affairs.  1978  MBE
Patrick Stewart REVELL. Chief Superintendent, NZ Police  1978  MBE
Cecil H. HILTON. For community service.  1978  QSM
Kuru WAAKA. Director of NZ Maori Arts and Crafts Institute.  1978  QSO
Sonny Henry WHITE. For services to Agriculture.  1978  MBE
Keith Spencer CALDER. JP. For services to Local Body Affairs.  1979  OBE see also Queen's Silver Jubilee Medal 1977.
Gladys Mary BESTIC. For community service to children suffering from Cerebral Palsy.  1979  QSM
Stanley Tetekura NEWTON. JP. For public services.  1979  QSM see also NZ 1990 Medal
Sir Gaven John DONNE. Cheif Justice of High Court of Cook Islands and Nuie   1979  KBE see also Queen's Silver Jubilee Medall 1977
Margaret Ann (Peg) LYNCH. For community service.  1979  QSM
Dr Henry Rongomau BENNETT. For public services.  1980  QSO
Donald Murray STAFFORD. For services to the preservation of Maori traditions and history.  1980  MBE
Robert S. LOCKWOOD. For services to the building industry.  1980  OBE
Kataraina HEKE. For service to the community.  1980  QSM
Alan Purdy JESSON. JP For public services.  1981  QSM
Fred HUTCHINGS. For services to the dairy industry.  1981  MBE
Irene A. OLIVER. For community service.  1981  QSM
Elisabeth Marjorie (Betty) URQUHART. For services to law and the community.  1981  MBE
The Right Reverend Manu August BENNETT. Lately Bishop of Aotearoa.  1981  CMG
Lucilla M. QUIN. For services to the disabled through music.  1982  QSM
Ina Beatrice LONDON. For community service.  1982  QSM
Albert Eric GIBSON. Lately Superintendent of land development, Lands of Survey.  1982  QSO
James HEALEY. For services to geology and the community.  1982  OBE
Beryl Lilian Dolman HARRIS. For public services.  1982  QSM
Emily Rangitiaria SCHUSTER. For community service.  1983  QSM see also NZ Suffrage Medal 1993
Millicent Amelia MOULDEN. JP. For public services.  1983  QSM
Mary Jean GRANT. For public services.  1984  QSM
Osmond Elgar CLAYTON. For services to brass bands.  1984  MBE
Claude Geoffrey CHAVASSE. For services to forestry, conservation and community.  1984  CBE
Rev. Ailsa Maureen FLETCHER. For services to Girls Brigade.  1984  QSM
Dr William James WATT. For public services.  1984  QSM
Hugh Allen MILLS. For service to local body and community affairs.  1985  CBE see also 1976 MBE
Mary Gertrude MCGOWAN. (Sister Mary Gertrude) For services to Education.  1985  MBE
Frederick G. RYAN. For community service.  1985  QSO
Alister Murray LINTON. For public services.  1985  CBE 
Jules D.M.P. MITCHELL. For community service.  1985  MBE
Jean Reese TWYMAN. For community service.  1985  QSM
John KEANEY. For public services.  1986  QSO see also CBE 1996
Witaraina T.P. HARRIS. For community services.  1986  QSM
James Horton MCKINNON. For public services.  1986  QSM
Dr Henry Rongomau BENNETT. For services to medicine.  1986  CBE see also QSO 1981
Fiona Judith KIDMAN. For services to literature.  1987  OBE see also DCNZM 1998
Te Autiti ERUERA-WIKIRIWHI. For services to Maori.  1987  CBE
Lewis Arthur SKUDDER. Lately Acting Conservator of Forests. NZFS, Rotorua.  1987  MBE
Witchell Narsay JARAM. Lately Director, Dept. of Maori Affairs, Rotorua.  1987  QSM
Johnny LEPPER. For public services.  1987  QSM
Noel Francis PACHOUD. For community service.  1988  OBE see also BEM 1969
Maurice T.D. BIRD. For services to the Maori community.  1988  MBE
Mary Rei PRESTON-THOMAS. Principal Nurse, Queen Elizabeth Hospital. For public service.  1988  QSM
Gertrude Harete (Kahu) MORRISON. For community service.   1988  QSM
Peter John TRAPSKI. District Court Judge.  1989  CBE
John Murray BLACK. For public service.  1989  CBE
Dr George Condor HITCHCOCK. DFC. For services to medicine.  1989  QSO

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