Denbies Christmas Menu 1939

Original Filename: Denbies_menu_cover_Christmas_1939.jpg ( not available for download )

Denbies Christmas Menu 1939.


Owner Beth Reid has given permission to digitise this menu.

Just a few of the Delicious delights for the day.:

Entree : Curried Sweet Corn on Toast

Poultry : Roast Turkey, Forcemeat Seasoning and Orange Sauce

              Steamed Chicken with Celery Sauce and Pickled Pork

      Roast Seasoned Gosling and Apple Sauce

              Roast Seasoned Chicken with Bread Sauce and French Salad

Hot Joints : Roast Spring Lamb and mint sauce

   Roast Stuffed Sucking Pig and Apple Sauce

           Roast Mutton and Red Currant Jelly

           Pickled Pork and Parsnips

Sweets : Steamed Christmas Plum Pudding and Brandy Sauce

Baked Orange Custard

Rainbow Tort

Chilled Fruit Salad 

Trifle Supreme

Strawberry Melba 

Whipped Cream



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