Denbies Christmas Menu 1953

Original Filename: Denbies_Menu_Christmas_1953.jpg ( not available for download )

Denbies Christmas Menu 1953.


Owner Beth Reid has given permission to digitise this menu.


A few Christmas delights :

Soup : Cream of Turtle with Sherry

Fish : Dressed Canadian Sockeye Salmon

Poultry : Roast Turkey with Pineapple Nut Stuffing and Orange Sauce 

              Roast Duckling seasoning and Cider Sauce 

              Roast Stuffed Chicken, Pickled Pork and Saratago Chips

              Boiled Fowl, Bacon Rolls and Oyster Sauce.

Sweets : Cognac Trifle

       Strawberry au Rhum Pavlova

       Royal Special 


On this occasion there is no wine list and no coffee offered unlike other years.

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